A ranch style home is something you have probably seen scattered throughout some of the most popular neighborhoods in your area. They are popular across the nation and are typically favored among first-time homebuyers. If you are seeking a simple lifestyle home, look no further than the traditional ranch home. They boomed in popularity after World War II, and today these homes are still around in a wide variety of styles. Throughout the country, you can find all types of ranch homes that provide functional, simple, and chic housing options for people of all shapes, ages, and sizes. 

What is a Ranch Home? 

A ranch home or ranch-style house is known for its close-to-the-ground profile and wide layout. Infused with American influences, ideas, and styles of the West, these spaces vary in their living spaces. Informal, casual, and comfortable, ranch houses originated in the United States, as a domestic housing style also known as the American ranch, rambler, or rancher, this architectural style includes notions of the American West that can be seen across the nation today. 

Is A Ranch Home Right For Me?

Consider the pros and cons of living in a ranch home, and how each of the features could work with your lifestyle. 

Ranch Home Pros

  • Easy-to-Maintain – A ranch home is typically smaller than a single-family home. Offering unique architectural features, a ranch home requires less maintenance. For this reason, it is easier to maintain both the interior, and exterior features of a ranch home when compared to other housing styles. Cleaning, repairs, and outdoor spaces are easier to manage with a ranch home. 
  • Ideal Layout – There are many people who enjoy the accessibility of a ranch home. Commonly these types of homes include an open layout ideal for people with limited mobility. Easy to move around in, and easy to access, ranch homes are ideal for parents, the elderly, and disabled homeowners, and other people with specific needs for accessibility.  
  • Safe & Secure – Living in a ranch home may make it easier to protect yourself. The large windows make it easy to evacuate if there is a fire or a home invasion. Ranch House

Ranch Home Cons 

Every homeowner is different, and so for some people, these are the least desirable qualities of living in a ranch home. 

  • Less Privacy – Single level houses including ranch homes may make you feel like you have lost some privacy. With the living areas often including open layouts and large windows, your tastes may require more privacy.
  • Smaller Yard Single story ranch homes commonly include an outdoor space that you can create into a yard. The space can take on a spread-out design, and can also be developed into a garden area or play area for children. 
  • Maintenance Costs – The more square footage your ranch home includes, the more maintenance responsibilities you will have. If you are ready to take on the square footage, and time commitment of these small homes, you need to also be prepared for the cost.  

Which Ranch Home Should I Choose? 

With so many variations of this simple, fun home style, you may not know which is the right ranch home for you. Here are the top five most popular ranch home styles to choose from. 

  1. Storybook Ranch – These types of homes became popular in California back in the 1920s-1930s and are still trendy today. With an elaborate design, storybook ranch homes include a fairytale style you might find fit for royalty. 
  2. Raised Ranch – Also known as split-entry homes, raised ranch houses almost always have two floors. Usually, raised ranch homes have a slab level, and then one above the base level. Staircases are placed between the levels, and when you enter the home.
  3. Split-Level Ranch – Not unlike raised ranch homes, the split-level ranch home is multi-level. However, a split-level ranch home may have up to three levels. Inside a split-level ranch home, you will find living space, a kitchen, additional rooms, and a short set of stairs. 
  4. California Ranch – Typically, this style of ranch home includes features with a Spanish influence. The architectural style works with the original design that many people see in suburban areas of California today. 
  5. Suburban Ranch – This is a version of the ranch house that became popular shortly after World War II. Usually smaller than other ranch homes, they are similar in architecture to the California originals. Featuring a front door entry, main living area, dining room, kitchen, a staircase, and additional living space these are one of the most traditionally constructed styles of ranch homes. 

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