A Home Owners Association or HOA is a common structure used in community style residential properties to manage both interior and exterior aspects. These properties may include condominiums, townhouses, or single-family homes within a master-planned development with average HOA fees. Other properties may use an HOA to help manage the many responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. Before you purchase a home, you need to know about what makes you part of an HOA, including, “How much are HOA fees?

Frequently Asked Questions About HOA’s 

Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions about Home Owners Association (HOAs) that may help to answer the questions you have for your, and your family before you purchase your next home. 

  1. Home Owners Association Cost

Within every community, there will be a different fee associated with the HOA. This can differ inside of a property as well due to a range of square footage, location, as well as orientation. This all affects how much your HOA costs because each variable affects the amount of property maintenance required. Additionally, a number of amenities and the size of their area within the property development will affect your property’s HOA fees. If you do not know what the HOA fees are of a property, check the official listing through the MLS (multiple listing services). Do you want to know, “Are HOA fees monthly?” The averages tend to be within the range of $331 per month

  1. Home Owners Association Features

 HOA features also vary depending on the community where your home is managed. When you buy a new home, you also agree to a set of legally binding obligations, and entitlements along with the physical living space that you purchased. Learning more about the HOA price range for your region is easy to do when you talk to a professional real estate agent in Mountain View Ranch with experience and knowledge about homeowners’ associations. So, if you need information about property features you desire, and their associated HOA fees, call the offices of Jeff Barchi.  

average HOA fees

  1. Home Owners Association Fees

There are several financial approaches that your HOA could take with the property management of your home. Regardless of the type, or style of your home, an HOA can decide to use a multi-year repair, or investment plan that includes annual costs, expected costs as well as unexpected funds that will be required. This fund is commonly known as a reserve account. For example, a REALTOR from Seattle, WA knows that some HOAs prefer to have large cash reserves on hand for unexpected maintenance, legal, and management obligations. Depending on the size of the reserve fund, and the approach of the HOA, additional fees can be applied to repairs, major expenses, and special assessments. Do you want to know, “What are HOA fees?” Always be sure to ask a real estate professional about the size of your HOA’s reserve fund and their financial approach.  

  1. Home Owners Association Rules & Regulations

An HOA can be very helpful inside of a community living property when disagreements come up. Within any type of planned development, if a resident has trouble with someone bending, or breaking the rules there is someone you can call. As a homeowner, it can become a weighty task to handle a trouble tenant who does not follow the rules of the property. Sanctions can be applied in some cases by HOAs to ensure a specific outcome. For residents who do not follow those rules, penalties can be imposed in the form of fines, lawsuits, or even having a lien placed on your home. Ask about the ability to foreclose on your property for non-payment of dues, CC&R issues, or other HOA violations.

  1. Home Owners Association Mortgage Approval

When you want to purchase a home the impact of HOA fees can start to hit your bottom line. Your finances need to include potential HOA fees because let’s face it … your bank will include monthly HOA fees when they decide if you can afford your mortgage payments. As a general rule, just remember that the higher your HOA fees are, the smaller your chances could be for an affordable mortgage. 

There are so many different types, and styles of community properties that you can consider as a homebuyer. However, one of the most commonly overlooked questions about the home buying process remains, “How much are HOA fees?” If you decide on a property, you will need to know about the average HOA fees in the community in which you live. Do not worry about calculating the amount yourself when there is a team of real estate professionals waiting to answer these, and your other questions about average HOA fees at the office of Jeff Barchi.