Condos for Sale in 312 South, Tempe, AZ

MZ 312 South brings Tempe’s lively cultural character to your doorstep in this small infill community. The building hosts seven units in total, fostering a tightly-knit and respectful neighborhood within the project. The units range between two and three bedrooms, each built within two stories and home to an oversized, two-car garage.

The complex is built masterfully, its luxury accents a nod to the taste and skill of the infill project’s architect, Winston Henderson. Henderson designed MZ 312 South with Townsend Construction, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, to bring Tempe’s eclectic style and taste for luxury together in a perfect match. If you’re looking to buy a condo in MZ 312 South, Jeff Barchi is here to assist you. Check out the available condos for sale in MZ 312 South.

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