Condos for Sale in Tempe, AZ

Tempe, AZ

Tempe, Arizona offers a playground of outdoor entertainment and culture. Millennials and budding families flock to this central Phoenix location for its diverse population, incredible entertainment and restaurant scene and its ideal location in the center of the city. Residents of Tempe are a quick drive to any of the major Metropolitan areas and often walking distance to unforgettable shows.

Mill Avenue runs through the heart of Tempe, where over 60,000 students call ASU home. The spirit of Sparky is alive and vibrant in this community and so, this part of town is constantly a’buss. Residents walk along mill for live music, the best restaurants, mom and pop cafés and boutique shopping.

At the end of the avenue is Tempe Town Lake, where residents come for their water oasis in the desert. Regulars enjoy walks and jogs alongside the southern shoreline, renting kayaks and paddle boards.

Transportation is perhaps the most convenient out of Tempe, where locals who drive have easy access to major highways and those who opt not to drive can hop on the public transport city light rail.

Tempe is a vibrant, diverse and beautiful place to live – reach out to us to learn more about condos for sale in Tempe.

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