Making a great impression on potential buyers with both the exterior and interior of your home is crucial if you want to sell fast and at the highest value. These tips on selling your home will help to make your home selling process even faster. With a little work and attention paid to the correct areas of your home, buyers will be outbidding one another before you know it.

Say Your Goodbyes to Your Home

Before any repairs or cleaning, it is important to come to terms with the fact that your home will soon be sold to someone else. It may sound like common sense, but understanding that it will be a home for the future buyers will only help to make the selling process easier. Many people find that saying goodbye to their home is difficult but a thorough walkthrough of your home while contemplating memories will help.

De-clutter Your Home

A major turn-off for what may be a potential buyer is seeing personal items from the seller. That’ why this tip for selling a home is a good start. Get it out of the way. Distracting buyers with pictures and heirlooms only makes it more difficult for them to imagine the space as their home. It is important to make their visualization as easy as possible. De-clutter your house by packing up unused items, clearing bookshelves and putting pictures away. Clean and organize closets and pantries because buyers will undoubtedly open doors. A neat space will further show that you have cared for the house. When it comes to de-cluttering rooms, a suggestion is to rent a storage unit to remove pieces that hinder movement and crowd a room.

Secondly, if there are appliances, fixtures or décor that you wish to keep, take them down and replace them before the buyer ever sees the home. If you do this, a buyer will not be discouraged when they find out that an aspect of the home they really like will not be sold with it.

Repair, fix and replace

Now is the time to make all those minor repairs you have been meaning to make. Fix or replace cracked tiles, cracks or holes in the walls, doors that do not close properly and leaky faucets. These seemingly minor repairs may not seem noticeable to you but keep in mind that from the perspective of a buyer perusing and noting every detail about the home, items like these will stand out. Also, if you have any bold or loud paint colors, consider repainting them with a neutral color. Buyers will not be distracted by a color they do not like and will see it as a blank slate.

A Thorough Cleaning Is Necessary

A thorough cleaning of your home is in order and not just the weekly cleaning typically completed.Young couple cleaning and setting new home.Moving house.

  • Power wash sidewalks and the exterior of your home
  • Clean windows both inside and out
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Re-caulk sinks, showers, and tubs then bleach grout if necessary
  • Polish faucets and mirrors
  • Clean your refrigerator
  • Wax floors and continue to vacuum regularly
  • Dust thoroughly (ceiling fans, furniture, and lights)
  • Put out fresh towels
  • Air out any areas that have odors

Curb Appeal

Lastly, curb appeal is very important because it is the first and last thing potential buyers will see when a real estate agent shows your home. Mow the lawn, fix and paint faded trim and considering planting flowers. Give your home a scrutinizing walkthrough making sure each room is inviting and pristine.

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