With almost 300 sunny or partly sunny days each and every year, the Valley of the Sun is one of the best places you could call home. Among the great cities that make up the metropolitan area of Phoenix, there perhaps is no nicer city than Scottsdale. Neighboring the city of Phoenix directly to the east, Scottsdale is a culturally diverse, vibrant city that has so much to offer those who visit or choose to call it their home. From world-class golf courses and museums to an exciting nightlife and culinary scene, Scottsdale has just about everything to offer. Here are some of the interesting and important characteristics about Scottsdale that you may be interested in knowing if you are looking to make the move.

Scottsdale population

The population of Scottsdale is roughly 230,000 people as of this year. However, when the city first started out there were only 2,021 people in 1951. By 2040, the population of Scottsdale is predicted to grow to nearly 300,000 people. Scottsdale covers 184.5 square miles and directly borders Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Tempe, and the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

Scottsdale areas

Scottsdale is divided up into four main sections: Central, Old Town, South and North Scottsdale. Because the city runs 31 miles North to South, there is a distinct difference between the different sections. Central, or the Shea Corridor as it is often referred to, is a more relaxed section of the city and features Gainey Ranch and McCormick Ranch, which are two luxury neighborhoods. South Scottsdale, which borders Tempe, is not as affluent as the rest of the city because of its proximity to ASU and offers a variety of options for affordable housing. Old Town is the heart of the city and is home to many popular bars, restaurants, and shops. The young and old of Scottsdale love spending time in Old Town as it is busy almost every night of the week. Finally, North Scottsdale is home to many exclusive golf clubs and gated communities because of its quiet atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. North of the 101 Highway, the lifestyle is a stark contrast to that of Old Town.

Things to do in Scottsdale

The multitude of activities and things to do in Scottsdale make it a great place for just about everyone to find something to do. Shopping is perhaps one of the biggest draws of Scottsdale because of the wealthy residents and visitors. Scottsdale Fashion Square and Scottsdale Quarter are upscale, luxury shopping malls that draw shoppers from all over the valley and the world. Hiking is another extremely popular activity due to the magnificent landscape that North Scottsdale has. Pinnacle Peak and the McDowell Mountain Regional Park are two of the most popular hiking destinations in the whole valley. However popular shopping and hiking may be, golfing may take the top spot as the most popular activity in Scottsdale. TPC of Scottsdale is home to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, one of the most popular PGA Tour events of the year and there are numerous other courses ranging in difficulty, price and exclusiveness that are sure to suit just about everyone’s golfing needs.

If all of these wonderful aspects have only confirmed your desired to move to Scottsdale even more, then you may be wondering what the housing market is currently like. The median home value in Scottsdale is $416,600, and according to Zillow.com, the market is more favorable towards buyers rather than sellers right now. However, over the next year, prices are expected to rise a few percentage points, which is always a good thing for those looking to sell. With that being said, the home prices will, on average, be lower in South Scottsdale and increase in price as you head north towards the North Scottsdale area. So whatever your price range may be, there are Scottsdale homes for sale that fit your needs. Contact Jeff Barchi today to get started looking at real estate in Scottsdale. Jeff has 17 years of experience serving those who are looking to call Scottsdale home, and he will help you every step of the way to finding your dream home. Visit https://homesellerarizona.com/ to begin your search!