So, you are wondering how to make an offer on a house? That step often seems the hardest especially if you have been navigating the home buying process for some time and it seemed like a never-ending nightmare. Depending on your area, thousands of homes could be listed. Online listings don’t show everything and viewing homes can be tiring. Persistence pays off. You’ve researched, looked at various Phoenix area real estate listings and finally found the one you want!

Tip #1: Be realistic about what you can afford

First and foremost, you need to be realistic about what you can afford. Before you even begin searching various listings and viewing homes, the price range needs to be set. Save yourself the letdown of falling in love with a home that is financially out of your range. A helpful and proactive step is to become pre-approved. This tells sellers that you are serious about buying their home and that you can afford it. Also, it makes the buying process less stressful when you already know that you can afford a mortgage of that value. Keep in mind that the price tag on a home is not necessarily the maximum that it will cost. Make note of any repairs or updates you wish to do immediately upon purchase and factor that into your budget. A firm budget is effective when searching for homes.

Currently, the housing market across the country is a buyer’s market, and Scottsdale Arizona real estate is no exception.

Tip #2: Know how competitive the market is

There are more buyers than there are sellers in the market. Competition is at high levels when it comes to home buying and as a result, time is of the essence when attempting to buy. It is very important to consult an exceptional agent like Jeff Barchi, P.C., of the ReMax Fine Properties Group to make an offer. Work closely with your agent to present an offer quickly and you will undoubtedly increase your chances of sealing the deal on your dream home. A wasted week or even a day can be the difference between having your offer accepted or rejected.

Tip #3: Hire an experienced agent

Another benefit of having an experienced agent on your team is the insight they provide so you can make a strong offer. Factoring in the area, typical selling prices and other criteria allow them to suggest an offer price that will more likely be accepted. This insight will save you money because many listed prices are higher than the seller will accept. Experience, only gained through years of dealing with the Phoenix real estate market, has led Jeff Barchi to close deal after deal and save clients thousands.

Tip #4: Be prepared to negotiate

Sending in an offer is not the end of the process. Be prepared for at least one counteroffer so that you are not surprised or frustrated. Sellers will likely negotiate the price as well the closing date. Your real estate agent will be important for this part. Oversight of the contract terms, and assistance with an effective counteroffer will be provided. Once the offer is accepted, it is recommended that you schedule a home inspection to discover any issues and allow time to alter the contract, or even cancel it, if necessary.

Use these tips now or keep them in mind when the time comes for you to search for a new home. There are many Scottsdale real estate agencies to choose from but Jeff Barchi, P.C., with ReMax Fine Properties offers unmatched experience and success. Reach out today to move one step closer to owning that home you’ve always wanted. He will provide assistance from beginning to end, and get you into your dream home for less money than you thought possible.