Looking for new things to do in Phoenix? Not a problem! Famous landmarks in Phoenix AZ are abundant and worthy of visiting a second time around. Relatively speaking, the city of Phoenix is fairly new. This leaves a lot of rich history and culture untouched and available for our indulgence. It also offers a heap of new, sparkling attractions that makes us feel like the city was built yesterday.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 Famous landmarks in Phoenix Arizona:

Chase Field

Chase Field is home to Arizona’s Major League Baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Enjoy a tour or a fall time ball game. The stadium is beautiful and boasts plenty of entertainment opportunity. The grounds are huge, beautifully maintained and full of big screen TVs, so you don’t miss a minute of action if you are walking around the stadium.

Wrigley Mansion

Searching for a stellar sunset or Sunday brunch spot? Look no further. The Wrigley Mansion offers beautifully historic and scenic foods. Food and drink take a close second place to the views. Make sure to schedule a tour of the grounds- there is much to see both inside and outside of the mansion. If you are headed for sunset, be sure to arrive before the sun goes down. You do not want to miss out on picture taking opportunities.

Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre is one of the most beautiful theaters in the country, and its artistic show offerings compare just as well. Whether you want to see the Ballet, the Symphony, or classic rock, the Orpheum offers the best space to indulge your creative side. If you can make it early to a show, schedule a tour to learn about the rich historical past of the theater. This venue is small, but it is vast in its architectural and interior design beauty, in its line-ups and its guest lists. Do not miss out on an opportunity to see a show here!

Talking Stick Resort Arena

This new arena is all the rage in Phoenix. Grounds are beautifully maintained, vast, and sit next to Talking Stick Casino. Before you head over for your concert or sporting event, check out the gambling scene or head over to Top Golf for one of the cleverest ways to practice your swing and enjoy a beer.

The Farm at South Mountain

Just fifteen minutes from downtown, find yourself at a sustainable farm and enjoy a homemade, delicious lunch. From fresh-squeezed lemonade to apple tart and pies, there is something for everyone. Take the kids to see goats and horses on the farm and reconnect with nature as you dine in the outside garden.

Grady Gammage Auditorium

The ideal venue for live shows. Kick back with a craft cocktail before the show begins and take in the quirkiness of the Frank Lloyd Wright building. Seats are situated strategically so that you can always see the action taking place. Make sure to get to Gammage early to find parking.

Mystery Castle

This enchanting building was built by a father to make his daughter’s dreams come true. Completed in 1945, the three-story castle shares the beauty of its stone, adobe, automobile park and petroglyphs. The materials are held together by a cement mixture that is part goat’s milk. Make sure to schedule enough time for a thorough tour of the inventive dwelling.

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