Colors that make a room look bigger, transform a tiny bathroom, expand a living room, and enliven small entertainment space. However, you may not know exactly how to utilize this interior design concept alone.

Interior designers have great, innovative ideas that you can implement all by yourself, as a DIY project. All you need to make any room look bigger and brighter is just a few tips on how to choose the right colors. Then you can get started on your next DIY project of transforming your favorite spaces with just the right color.

What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

The colors that make a room look bigger and brighter might not be the same for every room, even though space might appears similar in size/shape. It depends on several reasons, including the position and size of the windows, the height of the ceiling, room/house orientation, etc. Take all of that into an account when experimenting with wall colors.

If you are not willing to repaint the whole interior, but still want to refresh the look of a room, be aware that working with an existing color palette can hold you back.

For example, if you are working with a desert theme, you may have colors that include those of a blue/green agave, dark brown, and even burnt orange. This type of color theme allows space for many different colors that make a room look bigger and brighter like a magenta red, bright orange, deep purple or hot pink.

However, if you are working with a different color palette, the needs for your accent color will also change. It is, therefore, important to know the ins and outs of a color wheel, along with traditional interior design concepts, in order to properly use this technique.

Until you master the concept, here are just a few pointers to help guide you through the process.

  • Colors that make a room look bigger include swirling smoke, cloud white, alabaster, hazel, skylight, and hale navy.
  • Accent colors that make a room look like it has more square footage include Chelsea gray, indigo streamer, and orange blossom.
  • Colors that make a room look brighter include trim colors of coastal fog, Stonehenge greige, geyser, colonial aqua, and navy masterpiece.

How Can Color Transform My Space?

The best part about using colors in the interior as a part of a DIY transformation is its ability to open up space. One classic trick of experienced interior designers is to use the color from the walls on the trim and ceiling in order to create the illusion of a larger space.

Another tip designers suggest is to use a contrasting color in order to get a look that draws more attention. The pop of contrasting color is a transformational tool of many professional designers. Knowledge of advanced color concepts brings this technique to life.

Learning to follow the rules of interior design is the best way to use the current color of your walls to make any space feel larger. You may want to transform one of your smallest rooms by using a hot colorful trim, or you could expand a room with an already spacious layout and high ceiling.

Colorful Walls

Talking to a Professional Designer About Colors

When you want to know what colors make a room look bigger and brighter, it depends on the current color palettes of your home.

However, if you have not been working with a professional interior designer from the beginning, it could cause you problems later down the road as a homeowner. Talking to a professional about your design ideas could help you create the spaciousness you want inside of your favorite rooms.

With the right combination of your creative vision and their experience, new colors, combinations and ideas will come together and make rooms look bigger, brighter, and more alive.

Call the office of professional real state agents in Chandler to find your next home in the Phoenix area. Not only will you get to shop the best selection of Arizona real estate properties, but you will also get tips from the pros on how to use colors that make a room look bigger and brighter.