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Top 8 Must-Have Amenities For Your Luxury House

Are you thinking about purchasing one of many luxury homes for sale in Arizona? Compared to many metropolitan cities throughout the country, Scottsdale, Arizona luxury homes are a great deal. Not only is the average home price lower than the rest of the country, but the cost of living is more affordable too. This makes luxury homes in Arizona Paradise Valley a preferred destination for anyone looking to live the good life. As your looking for your dream home, we recommend a few must-have amenities that you should include in your new luxury home. 

Dreaming of Modern Luxurious Houses?

Everyone dreams of owning a luxury house, but most people believe it is out of their budget. As one of the nation’s top states to move to, homeowners are discovering that living a life of luxury is much easier to accomplish in Arizona than in other places. Some of the best qualities about considering luxury homes for sale in Arizona Paradise Valley are: 
  • Weather – For those who wish to escape the snow, you’ll find sunny days in Arizona year-round. With average high temperatures of 80 degrees, The Valley of the Sun is a preferred destination for greener pastures that see less than 20 inches of rain. Sunshine all year equates to early springs and milder winters that allow you to enjoy the great outdoors any time of the year. 
  • Economy – Arizona’s affordable lifestyle attracts millennials and retirees alike! The state offers an excellent quality of life in combination with a booming job market. Some of the most significant industries include real estate, tourism, and government, with Fortune 500 companies relocating their headquarters to Arizona regularly. If education is important to you, the proximity to the University of Arizona and Arizona State are great collegiate influences. Job growth is expected to continue to grow with incoming technology startups and established companies flocking to the area. The considerable tax breaks also make Arizona an attractive destination for retirees. 
  • Activities – When you move to Arizona, you won’t have to spend most of your time in your luxury house. There are so many activities to enjoy like hiking, rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, and many more! If outdoor activities aren’t your preference, there is plenty of cultural, artistic, nightlife, and golfing opportunities to explore. Luxury homes for sale in Arizona have the advantage of close access to golf resorts that feature exclusive spas, five-star restaurants, championship golf courses, heated pools, and luxurious lounges. If you’re looking for premium shopping destinations, you’ll find plenty near luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona. 
  • Sports – Are you a sports fan? You’ll discover modern luxurious houses within reach of Spring Training that attracts professional baseball teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, and much more! Luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, are within minutes of the NBA Phoenix Suns and the NFL Cardinals, with various collegiate Division 1 Arizona team events available to attend. The famous TPC Stadium that hosts the Waste Management Phoenix Open is a short drive away and available for practicing your golf swing when the PGA Tour is over. 
  • The Grand Canyon – What is more convenient than a weekend trip to the Grand Canyon when you live in Arizona? With 277 miles of layered, multicolored rock, you’ll have access to the white water rapids of the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is just the beginning of the outdoorsman’s paradise. With stunning landscapes, rolling hills, and staggering boulders, Arizona’s wilderness is unmatched. Living this close to a natural wonder that attracts around six million visitors a year is the epitome of luxury living. 

What You Must Have in a Luxury House

Now that you know why you should move here, we’ll share some of the must-have amenities for luxury homes in Paradise Valley, Arizona:
  1. Swimming pools – If you live in Arizona, a swimming pool is a must-have luxury. In the summer, temperatures can exceed 100 degrees, and you’ll want a quick way to cool off and escape the heat in expansive pools with waterfalls, fountains, and slides. Although this amenity is considered a luxury, it is a necessity for luxury homes in Scottsdale, Arizona. 
  2. Size – Most luxury homes for sale Arizona offers are massive with expansive and interesting rooms. Plentiful space is one of the most identifying characteristics of modern luxury homes. A luxury house will have a few acres of landscaped grounds surrounding a home of at least 3000 square feet or more. The square footage of a home does not always determine its luxury, but plentiful spaces both indoors and outdoors can make a significant difference. 
  3. Indoor and outdoor equipped kitchens with wine cellars – Fully stocked kitchens are a thing of the past if you’re considering purchasing from the selection of luxury homes for sale in Arizona. Modern luxurious houses have both indoor and outdoor fully equipped kitchens with wine cellars. Bringing the comforts of home to an outside kitchen, including a small fridge, sinks, stainless steel appliances, stone countertops, and plentiful patio seating, is how Scottsdale luxury homes are designed. 
  4. Game and theater rooms – A home movie theater is still a staple of modern luxurious houses. Wealthy homeowners are now building game rooms that consist of indoor basketball courts, sports bars, and indoor pools. You should never have to leave the comforts of a luxury house for entertainment.
  5. Courts for sports – The luxury homes for sale in Arizona have dynamic outdoor setups with tennis courts, basketball courts, and in-ground trampoline kits! If you have a family, this is the perfect place to entertain and host birthday parties to remember. 
  6. Fitness rooms – Why pay for a gym membership when you have your own? No luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, are complete without fully equipped fitness rooms that feature state-of-the-art weights and equipment. Modern luxury houses take fitness to a whole new level with flat-screen TVs, built-in wireless speakers, saunas, and indoor pools. 
  7. Spa bathrooms – Every shower taken in a luxury house should resemble a reinvigorating spa experience. You’ll travel to luxurious spaces with opulent spas and will want to replicate that in your own home. Your home must have the best walk-in showers with head-to-toe jets, heated floors, large soaker tubs, and towel warmers. 
  8. Location – Modern luxury homes are located in exclusive areas with private, tree-lined spaces to maintain privacy. Scottsdale, Arizona luxury homes are located in a prime spot for wealthy families looking for relaxation and exclusivity. Whether you’re looking for an expansive ranch property or a Meditteranean oasis, you’ll find something that suits your needs. 

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