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How Do You Know When You’ve Found The Right House in Arizona?

There’s nothing like the feeling of discovering your dream house for sale in Arizona! Before taking the next steps, you’ll need to find a real estate agent that can help you seal the deal. A seasoned real estate agent will be able to provide you more information on the housing market, the neighborhood, and negotiate a great deal for you. As an award-winning and experienced real estate agent, Jeff Barchi can steer you in the right direction for securing your dream home. Knowing when you’ve found the perfect home is half the battle, and there are signs to be aware of when you’re ready to make an offer. 

What Makes a House a Home

Do you dream of a new house? Your home should be your place of refuge, peace, and expression of what you value most. When you’ve made your decision on a home and find a real estate agent in Arizona to help you close the deal, all of the work is worth it. An experienced real estate agent will show you how to find the perfect home. Your home should tell a story that expresses your family and personal interests in a way that creates an emotional connection and sense of inclusion. 

How to Know if a House is Right for You

When you dream of a new house, you want to include everything that will make it welcoming. As you visit many homes to identify what you want, you’ll eventually find something that will feel different. Identifying your dream house for sale in Arizona will look like this: 
  • You want to enter – Just like meeting someone for the first time, a home can make a first impression that compels you to enter. There may be more than one home for sale, and for one reason or another, you prefer to enter only one that appeals to you. As you pull up to the curb, your first thought might be, “This could be my perfect home.” This is a good sign.
  • The house is comforting – Once you’ve entered your dream home, you’ll feel comforted. It may speak to you and invite you to explore. It will feel like home as soon as you enter. 
  • The bathroom feels comfortable – This may sound bizarre, but notice how you check out the bathroom when searching for your dream home. You may just hold the door frame, peek inside for a few seconds, and move on to the next room. However, if you feel comfortable walking into the bathroom and opening the shower door, it shows a sign of comfort and interest. The home could likely be the right place for you.
  • You get defensive – As your real estate agent takes you on the tour of the home, they may point out a few flaws and things that may need to be addressed or fixed. When you find yourself telling the real estate agent what you would fix in response, it is an indication that you are starting to feel at home. It’s important to keep in mind how difficult it will be to address certain issues around the house after you’ve made the purchase. 
  • You have a vision – Any time you walk into the living room or bedroom of a dream house for sale and instantly envision furniture arrangements, this may be the one for you. When you’ve already placed the Christmas tree in front of the living room window or can see yourself tossing the frisbee to your dog, you’ve found your home. 
You should be comfortable with the neighborhood. Look out for potential neighbors that may seem interesting. Your community plays an important role in finding the right home. 
  • Important boxes are checked – Even if the dream house for sale doesn’t have all the amenities you are looking for, it should check all of your important boxes. Some basic requirements you may have include space, number of bedrooms, or a large backyard. If the home you’re touring meets the basic criteria for ultimate comfort, you’ve found a good option. 
  • You stop looking at other homes – After touring your dream house for sale, you may not want to keep looking at other homes. When you do continue to look at homes, you will compare every home to your dream house you’ve already toured. Those homes that you considered a second choice will now become the last choice options. 
  • You want to brag – It’s natural to want to brag about finding something extraordinary that you’ve found and now own. You may take pictures to post on your social media pages or send to your friends and family. If you’re feeling excited after leaving the tour of your dream house for sale, you’ve found the one!
  • You plan to go back – Once you’ve finished the tour of your dream house for sale, you may start chatting with your spouse, significant other, or close friends you’ve brought along with you about how much you want to go back! When you’re already making plans to return at a different time of day, you’ve found your new home. At this point, you’ll want to request the seller’s disclosures from your real estate agent to ensure the home is in top condition. This is how you know a house is right for you. 

My Perfect Home

You’ve found the one, and now it’s time to take action! There are two schools of thought for securing your dream home for sale. While considering buying the property, you may be one of these two: 
  • Timeline – After all the house tours are complete, conventional wisdom is to “sleep on it” when considering a major purchase. This may not be the best idea since you won’t be the only potential home buyer interested in the house. It’s best to act quickly and trust your instincts. Ask for guidance from friends, loved ones, and your real estate agent before submitting your offer but act fast!
  • Act – You may be ready to buy furniture for the home now and schedule the movers! While it’s natural to be excited about buying your dream home, you want to avoid going over your budget. Take some time to check out the schools, neighborhoods, and the commute to work. As a long-term commitment and one of the most significant financial decisions you’ll make in your life, you want to remain realistic. 

We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Home

Your dream of a new house is within reach! Filling your space with love, family and friends is what makes a house a home. These signs are indicators of how to know if a house is right for you. When you’re ready to move forward in your ownership plans, find a real estate agent that will show you how to find the perfect home and make your dream of a new home come to life. The Jeff Barchi Team has been turning the American dream into reality for thousands of homeowners, and they can do the same for you.
Jeff Barchi is one of the top 1% of real estate agents in the country and has won numerous state and national awards. Serving Arizona for over 20 years, Jeff Barchi is an experienced real estate agent known for closing about 50 transactions a year. Twice as fast as the competition and more efficient than most real estate agents, Jeff Barchi values family. He is an Arizona resident who has consistently helped homeowners make purchases for 5% below the asking price!
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