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Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Luxurious – It’s possible

You can have it all! An eco-friendly house among luxury homes in Phoenix, Arizona, is possible with a few changes. Luxury homes with sustainable upgrades have many benefits that will keep your home intact for much longer. You can reduce costs while saving the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. We’ll share how to create luxury, environment-friendly houses with sustainability in mind. 

What are Environment-Friendly Houses?

Environment-friendly houses, also known as eco houses, refer to homes that are designed to lower energy consumption and carbon footprints. Most buildings use a significant amount of energy that can create detrimental effects on the environment. Since home energy consumption contributes a large number of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, improved insulation and lighting can make a big difference in global warming. 

Why Live in an Eco-Friendly Luxury House?

Choosing an eco-friendly house is not just about saving the environment. There are major advantages to living in self-sustaining homes! Being a good human can be luxurious and environmentally friendly with a few simple but important adjustments to how you choose to live. Here are some of the advantages of luxurious and self-sustaining homes: 
  • Cost – Cost savings is one of the biggest reasons for living in sustainable luxury homes in Phoenix, Arizona. Once you’ve made eco-friendly renovations or are fortunate enough to buy a luxury house with these modifications, you’ll watch your operating costs drastically decline. With various features like increased daylighting throughout the home and eco-friendly building materials, heating and cooling costs will be much lower than the average homeowner. You can expect considerable water savings by as much as 40% with energy-star-compliant appliances, greywater systems, leak reduction, and low flow fixtures. 
  • Health – A healthy living environment will always contribute positively to your health. A heat recovery system can decrease dampness that leads to mold and other common household issues. Installed air intake filters can prevent dust and pollen from entering the home and causing allergies. Using materials to build a home free of toxins and other health hazards can prevent exposure to allergens and other pollutants. 
  • Durability – By combining recycled materials with an eco-friendly design, you will increase the durability of your home. This will save you considerable costs in maintenance and upkeep in the long run. Some of the sustainable materials used include lime, timber, or reclaimed materials like tiles, bricks, and slates. 
  • Investment – The growing trend of living in luxurious, self-sustaining homes is reflected in the rising market value of eco-friendly houses. The resale value for sustainable homes is higher than homes without these features. Many of these features are considered must-haves, resulting in faster market sales than regular homes without modifications.

How to Create an Eco-Friendly House

Are you ready for an eco-friendly house? You’ll be making a smart investment for your family that will continue to pay dividends over time. Here are a few construction modifications and adjustments to consider when you’re looking at your next luxury house: 
  • LEED certifications – When you hear of sustainable homes, you’ll hear of LEED certification which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This is the most popular rating system from the U.S. Green Building Council that acts as an efficiency indicator. Homes built to LEED certification standards cost the same as regular homes but with increased energy efficiency and fewer maintenance requirements. 
  • Home gardens – There’s been growing concern about the impact of food additives and chemicals on health. Instead of visiting your local grocery store for organic vegetables and fruits, you can grow them in your own backyard! The added benefits of improving your health with farm-to-table items lead to increased greenery and plants that contribute to fresh air and sustainable living. When you chose to eat the fruits of your labor, your cost savings go up. 
  • Solar – When you chose to use the energy of the sun to power your luxury house, you can expect to enjoy big tax and savings benefits! Solar panels have become a popular option for Arizona luxury homes for sale because they can offset a monthly electric bill or even eliminate it! Since Arizona can reach temperatures over 100 degrees, there are tremendous savings to be captured. Solar energy is a renewable source that you’ll never run out of. You’ll be part of the growing trend of homeowners with solar roof panels that are long-term, lightweight, and cost-efficient. 
  • Green roofs – A luxury house with a green rooftop filled with blooming plants and flowers is an attractive and environmentally friendly option for saving energy. Besides being a beautiful and pleasing aesthetical addition to your architectural design, green roofs reduce pollution and absorb storm runoff. At first look, they may not seem practical. They are easier to install on flat roofs and are almost maintenance-free! 
  • LED lights – A small but powerful adjustment that can be made to any home is the addition of LED lights. In sustainable luxury homes in Phoenix, Arizona, LED lighting radically decreases the carbon footprint. International companies produce LED textiles that add a luminous glow to a home environment without the need for any light fixtures. 
  • Smart systems – When you’ve installed a number of eco-friendly elements in your luxury house, you’ll want smart systems to manage them. These can include smart thermostats, smart plugs, water-saving devices, and sensors that reduce energy consumption. The Samsung brand offers AMX system technology that controls light, heat, cooling, sound, irrigation, and even security at the touch of a button. These systems can be programmed remotely using mobile apps. 
  • Sustainable materials – Locally sourced and sustainable materials are the stuff that an eco-friendly house is made of! Reducing the carbon footprint in sustainable homes requires a degree of creativity and ingenuity during the architectural and design process. Using materials that reduce energy consumption like local wood, clay, thatch, or stone are common. 
  • Geothermal energy – Eco-friendly Arizona luxury homes for sale benefit greatly from geothermal heating and cooling. These systems not only reduce the home’s carbon footprint, but they can provide up to 20 years of dependable heating and cooling that requires little maintenance. When installed to replace an old system or an addition to a brand new home, the benefits outweigh the costs. 

The Best Real Estate Agent for Arizona Luxury Homes for Sale

The luxury homes for sale in Arizona are second to none. The affordability of living in Arizona combined with an eco-friendly house gives you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the good life in a sustainable style. When you chose luxury sustainable homes, you’re contributing to reversing the effects of global warming while receiving significant cost savings.
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