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Buying a House? Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

Buying a house is exciting! Before starting the home buying process, you’ll want an experienced and committed real estate agent by your side. For over 20 years, Jeff Barchi has been helping homeowners throughout Arizona find their dream homes and wants to ensure you get the help you need. When you choose a real estate agent, there are things to ask when buying a house that will give you a good idea of whether or not they can help you. 

Do You Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a House

You may be wondering if you need a real estate agent for the homebuying process. Having a seasoned real estate agent to guide you through the home buying process is a big advantage. A real estate agent receives a commission from the seller, so you won’t save money if you choose not to work with one. There are rare situations that you may be at an advantage without a real estate agent, such as: 
  • You are related to the person selling the home
  • You are very familiar with the area
  • You prefer working alone for lack of trust in a real estate agent
  • You are buying a brand new house and want to negotiate with the builder

Questions to Ask When Buying a House

As a home buyer, you will want to protect yourself by making savvy and well-informed decisions on one of the most significant investments you’ll make. Your real estate agent will have a considerable impact on the entire home buying process. It is in your best interest to ask a real estate agent the right questions to obtain the best answers.
Most people will end up with the first real estate agent they speak to but not realize that all real estate agent are different. An agent’s training, experience, fees, statistics, and market expertise can make a big difference in accomplishing the goals you’ve set. Some things to ask when buying a house are:
  • Are you full-time or part-time – A full-time agent will be more dedicated and committed to helping you buy a home. It is popular to encounter a part-time agent. They usually have other jobs that have nothing to do with real estate. Since commissions are inconsistent, a part-time agent will be more dedicated to their full-time job. 
When you work with a full-time real estate agent, they will better understand your market while being more responsive to your inquiries and questions. Part-time agents will have a career they are more focused on, requiring you to fit viewings and meetings around their schedule. Being able to send an offer on the house quickly can make the difference between purchasing your dream home or someone else getting it first. 
  • Do you work with buyers or sellers – A lot of real estate agents do both, but it’s important to clarify what they do before moving forward. It’s in an agent’s interest to represent both because they may be able to match a buyer to one of their own listings. Depending on the agent’s experience level, this may cause conflict since they have a fiduciary duty to both the buyer and seller. 
A seasoned real estate agent who works with both buyers and sellers will understand both perspectives and provide exceptional guidance during the process. A buying agent and a listing agent are two separate jobs that require different skill sets. A less experienced real estate agent may have more experience as a listing agent and minimal experience as a buying agent. Due to the complexity of real estate transactions, there is significant risk involved if something goes wrong. These are some of the most important questions to ask when buying a house. 
  • Do you have any referrals – Just like any business you make purchases with, one of the questions to ask a real estate agent is whether they have referrals. Nowadays, most real estate agents will have a website that lists recommendations, referrals, or testimonials of past clients they’ve helped. Getting in touch with one of the people they’ve worked with allows you an opportunity to ask questions about the agent’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  • How long have you been a real estate agent – One of the most important questions to ask a real estate agent is the length of time they’ve been in the industry. This will give you a good idea of how much experience they have with negotiations and evaluating properties. They should have extensive experience before they help you navigate the largest financial transaction of your life. A seasoned real estate agent will be able to identify problems that may have been overlooked and protect your interests. 
  • How do you get paid – Other questions about buying a house have to do with how the real estate agent gets paid. This may be more important for home sellers, but it is just as important to home buyers. You may not be paying for your real estate agent directly, but they will make money off the sale. For agents that are paid a commission they may try to encourage you to buy towards the higher end of your budget. If a real estate agent hasn’t closed a deal in a while, they may be motivated to place more pressure on you during the transaction. 
  • Do you have a team – More established real estate agents work with a team. This is a major advantage for you because a team will ensure that no details will be overlooked and communication remains open. A team will be accommodating when submitting a timely offer on a popular home when the real estate agent is occupied. Understanding who you are partnered with to make a significant investment is crucial for getting the best deal on your dream home. 
  • Do you have recommendations – Other important questions to ask when buying a house may not be top of mind. A real estate agent with recommendations to other local professionals that can help you during the home buying process is priceless. An established real estate agent should have an extensive network of attorneys, handymen, home inspectors, and other professionals that can help you seal the deal on a new home. They can also recommend the best moving company in the area to help you ensure a smooth and easy transition.
  • Can you explain the home buying process – For new homeowners, the home buying process can be overwhelming. You always want to ask a real estate agent who can explain this process in the simplest way possible and provide tips on closing a deal more effectively. As an experienced buyer, you may have detailed and specific questions. When you partner with a sincere and transparent real estate agent, they will give you the right information to manage your expectations while volunteering finance information. Purchasing a new home can be a daunting and complicated process. Your real estate agent should be able to make it seamless. 

Ask a Real Estate Agent Who Knows Arizona

Do you need a real estate agent to buy a house? A seasoned real estate agent will give you as much information as you need to make the best decision when buying a home. These questions to ask when buying a house will come in handy when working with a real estate agent you are not familiar with.
Jeff Barchi has been serving Arizona for over 20 years. As an award-winning, top real estate agent in the country, he has extensive experience guiding home-buyers through the purchase process. When you’re looking for a trusted real estate agent, The Jeff Barchi Team is on your side!
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