Lots of people want to live in Arizona and I just don’t say that because I am an Arizona Realtor®!

We are home to 7.12 million people. Last year, Phoenix, our state capital, passed Philadelphia in size to become the fifth most populous city.

Phoenix, and Arizona, as a whole have arrived!

If you’re looking to move here, you’ve probably done some research to target where you want to buy. But have you considered when it would be the best time to make an offer?

It’s Always the Best Time to Buy a House in Arizona!

They say it’s always sunny in Philadelphia–maybe a bit of an exaggeration. But I can say with confidence that’s it’s always the best time to buy a house in Arizona!

For one thing, snow is limited in the state’s two population centers. There are occasional winter flurries in Phoenix while snow is limited to the higher elevations in Tucson. It’s rarely a hassle to go out and look for homes in these two regions. You won’t have to worry about driving in snow and ice, and homeowners won’t be as put out to make themselves scarce for open houses as they would if it were minus 5℉ outside. Here, they can pass the time at a nice outdoor cafe or take in a round of golf.

Buyers interested in the Phoenix area may have a slight edge if they look during the summer months when fewer snowbirds are here and also looking around. Plus, many locals head for the mountains or California beaches on summer weekends, keeping competition even lower.

All in all, though, it’s never a bad time to buy here. The prices are lower than in cities of a comparable size, for example, yet we have so much of the same: cinemas, theaters, sports teams, colleges and universities, museums and lately, aquariums.

You Mean People Buy Homes in Arizona in the Summer?

Yes, they do. NerdWallet found there was virtually a 0% change in Phoenix-area home prices between summer and fall.

There is a small fluctuation upward after April when snowbirds have settled in for a few months and are starting to dread the drive back to Minnesota and points north. Prices dip slightly in July and rise very slowly toward the end of the year.

What About Buying a Home in Other Parts of Arizona?

The rest of the state pretty much mirrors Phoenix where home buying is concerned.

  • Flagstaff, about 2.5 hours north of Phoenix and with an entirely different climate and geology (it’s one of the snowiest cities in the nation!) also sees little seasonal fluctuation in home prices. I’ve read that March is the best time to sell a home there, so it stands to reason that other months are a bit better for home buyers interested in the region.
  • Prescott, about 1.5 hours north, is a lovely city with a booming suburban area. New listings have risen there, possibly boosted by new housing. This has eased a tight market. They were 18% more listings in January 2018 than in January 2017.
  • Tucson, the Old Pueblo, is the state’s other major metropolitan area. Home prices there historically spike in June and are lowest in February. But again, there isn’t much variation throughout the year. Tucson’s higher elevation keeps it about 10℉ cooler than Phoenix in the summer. It can get cold in winter. (But I speak as a Phoenician!)

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Arizona, contact our real estate agent in Stonegate. I’d be glad to tell you a bit about the areas that interest you!