Looking for a new home is an exciting, overwhelming, and stressful process. The last thing you want is to deal with bad real estate agents. Not only will they cost you money, but they can impact your life in the long run. Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime, and knowing the signs of a bad real estate agent can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a top-selling real estate agent and committed family man, Jeff Barchi understands the importance of integrity in real estate. We’ll share with you what happens when you do business with a real estate agent that does not. 

Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

With over two million active real estate agents in the U.S, you’re bound to run into incompetent agents that are all vying for your business. In addition, it’s likely you don’t have a few hours to spend searching and vetting real estate agents in your area online. This process can be overwhelming, so we’ve included signs of a bad real estate agent to sort them out and move forward with competent agents quickly: 

  • No communication – This is a huge red flag! When communication is sketchy and inconsistent, it’s time to move on. If follow-up texts, emails, or phone calls are delayed by hours or days, there’s a chance that your deals may fall through as well. An agent who doesn’t get back to you or has a communication style that doesn’t align with yours, it’s not a good fit. You may notice that your realtor is rushed, irritated, or not forthcoming with information. Other communication issues may include sugar coating uncomfortable news, or non-adherence to your preferred method of communication. All of these signs signal a lack of chemistry. 
  • Side gig – Let’s be honest. A new realtor has to start somewhere, and many begin while holding another job or other work responsibilities. When you’re working with a realtor who is spread too thin, you may be disappointed with their performance. It’s best not to partner with a real estate agent that is not fully committed to the profession. Part-time realtors lack the experience, expertise, and time to serve their clients properly. 
  • PushySigns of a good realtor include an ability to guide new homebuyers through the purchase process. Bad real estate agents will attempt to push and shove you through the process of buying a home. When you feel like your realtor is trying to strong-arm you into buying a house, it’s time to pause. Forcefulness is a clear indication that the realtor is motivated by their commission and not your best interests. 
  • Uninformed – Being an uninformed agent is a characteristic of part-time and inexperienced agents. A realtor who is not knowledgeable about the market they are working in is a major red flag. They are required to understand the market to help clients make better home buying and selling decisions. Therefore, you want an agent that is current on what’s happening in the market and can provide you with reliable data to take action.
  • No-show – Selling a home requires appointment scheduling, frequent meetings, and open house events. When an agent is a constant no-show, they are unreliable and have no respect for a client’s time. Even one no-show can have a detrimental effect on the progress of buying a home. 
  • Shaky negotiation – Signs of a good realtor lay in their ability to negotiate well. They have a fiduciary duty to their clients to push for the best possible price. When you’ve received several offers on a house, but no one has settled on a final price, it is a clear sign that your realtor has dropped the ball in negotiations. 
  • Dishonest – Telling half-truths or lies is never ok for any professional. It can be exceptionally damaging for real estate clients making big decisions with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bad real estate agents will provide misleading information, misrepresent you or the buyer, outright lie, or encourage you to conceal information. Realtors are bound by a Realtor Code of Ethics. 
  • Over-eager – All real estate agents are fighting for your business. One of the signs of bad real estate agents is an over-eager attitude to please rather than provide proper guidance. A good realtor is transparent and forthright. 
  • No guidance – One of the signs of a good realtor is their ability to relay information and provide advice. You’ll notice that bad real estate agents only pass along information without any guidance and consistently ask for your approval. This is a sign that they are not advocating for you. 

What to do if Your Real Estate Agent is Bad

Days on market

When you’ve spotted signs of a bad real estate agent, it’s time to stop working with them. It may be frustrating to start the process over again, but moving forward with bad real estate agents will be costly over the long run. So here’s what to do if your real estate agent is bad: 

  • Get a recommendation – You’ve probably spent a few days to a few weeks with a bad realtor. To speed up the process, find a recommendation from friends or family. 
  • Check experience – Once you’ve gathered a few potential realtors, check their background and price point. Some agents are comfortable with selling homes for $150,000 but are not equipped to sell million-dollar homes. New price points require a different set of skill sets. This concept can apply to different types of homes. For example, an agent may be used to selling rural homes or farms but ill-equipped to sell homes in urban areas. 
  • Check online profile – One of the most important signs of a good realtor is an online presence. Everyone uses the internet these days, and you should find background information on the realtor you work with. They will list their statistics, reviews, closings, and other data. 
  • Days on market – The number of days a realtor stays on the market is a sign of their home turnover. This metric measures the time between a house listing and when it goes to contract. Since most sellers want a fast turnover, working with a realtor with a low average of days on the market is a good sign. 
  • Check for clarity – Signs of a good realtor can be seen in transparency during the initial consultation. Your agent should be transparent about expectations, leaving you confident in their skills and commitment. If the agent doesn’t request a consultation, that’s a major red flag. 

Signs of a Good Realtor

Good Realtor

Now that you know what to do if your real estate agent is bad, it’s time to move forward with your search process. Jeff Barchi has served the Scottsdale community for over 20 years as a top 1% selling agent. With a strong online presence and an award-winning reputation, The Barchi Team’s real estate statistics are some of the best and fiercest in the area. Barchi averages 50 transactions per year with consistent sales over the asking price. So when you’re looking for signs of a good realtor, you don’t have to look far. 

Are you relocating or considering an investment property in the area? Then, you need an experienced realtor by your side to provide you the proper guidance and information to make big decisions. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home or a condo, you’re in good hands with The Barchi Team. 

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