Signs of a bad realtor are not always obvious. In fact, you might be shocked to think about how many red flags your realtor is showing you. It could even be happening right under your nose while you are missing it. Look for these 5 signs of a bad real estate agent.

There could be all types of other signals that the real estate agent you choose is letting you down, so don’t ignore them. Pay attention to these initial red flags pointing out that you need a new real estate agent, and if you have a gut feeling, maybe it’s time to kick your current agent to the curb.

Five Signs of Unsuitable Real Estate Agent

  1. No Web Presence

Any successful real estate agent has an internet presence. Today, most people have a smartphone and are able to browse MLS listings anywhere they go. For that reason, signs of a bad realtor include a lack of web presence, a low-quality website, no photographs or low-quality images, and unavailable MLS listings.

Real estate photography is also a clear indicator of a low- quality website. If you don’t see professional photographs on the real estate agent’s website, you need to find someone else, especially if they are taken with a cell phone.

  1. Self-Involved

When you meet with your real estate agent in person as a new home buyer, or even a seasoned real estate investor, you may notice that your agent is self-involved. While selling property is somewhat glamorous, the focus of the process should always be on you: the buyer.

There is plenty of paperwork for the real estate agent to complete, however, if it seems like you are waiting for someone who seems busy, arrogant, or unable to listen, it is a red flag. Other signs showing you need to look for a new agent include a hidden agenda, wondering if they are telling the truth, feeling coerced, noticing the agent is overly eager, and other bad vibes.

  1. Inspection Attendance

A good real estate agent will be there when you have a home inspection. If possible, they will also be available any other time you need them, whether it is over the phone, in person, or while they are in the office.

If your agent is not able to be there during home inspections, it could be something to worry about. An inspector can give you a report of what needs to be repaired or updated before a property sale. If your real estate agent is unavailable in person for a home inspection, it is one of the signs of dealing with a bad real estate agent.

Inspection Attendance

  1. Funny Money

If you notice any type of under-the-table payments — it is a sign that you need to head for the door. Do not stay with a real estate agent who does not offer you complete transparency. It is too late to discover that the real estate agent is paying other agents commission, is taking cash for listings, hiding listings, or doing other underhanded things, after signing the contract.

  1. It Feels Like Work

Let’s be honest … please. The homebuying process is supposed to be an enjoyable one. There is a lot of preparation and hard work that goes with selling a property, and any real estate agent who makes you feel like the process is too tiring and is transferring his/her negative energy, needs to go. If you are working with a true professional, they will also make you feel comfortable as if their job is actually just a lifestyle that they love to share with you.

If you notice that the person you are currently working with shows any of these five signs of a bad real estate agent – leave them. Ditch the office you are working with and call the office of professional real estate agents in Glendale. You can get rid of a low-quality agent and start working with someone who makes you feel comfortable and cared for. Reach out to us, today!