Efficiency apartments are also commonly known as studio apartments and can be an affordable way to create a cozy home. An excellent choice for many different uses including office space, studio, or small home, an efficiency apartment works for many purposes. Ranging in shapes, sizes, and layouts, an efficiency apartment may also be an ideal space for young people, students or shared space for couples and families that require more outside of their home.

Housing out-of-town guests for overnight visits is also a great way to utilize the square footage of an efficiency apartment. Always spatially efficient, some studios are considered to be large and can even be converted inside into a multi-dimensional space, including loft sleeping space, large appliances, and even a “dorm” area for office work.

What is an efficiency apartment?

The term “efficiency apartment,” is used in real estate to describe the type of housing that is typically small and affordable. When you ask a professional agent about luxury efficiency apartments you can gain information about listings with a higher price point. Today, 1,200 square foot efficiency apartments are common and are oftentimes called luxury units.

FAQ’s About Living in Efficiency Apartments


Q: How can I maximize the space of an efficiency apartment?

A: There are many ways to add more space within the walls of a small efficiency apartment. Even in luxury efficiency apartments, residents usually look to vertical organization tools, hidden storage spaces, and even stackable furniture.


Q: Can I afford an efficiency apartment?

A: You may not realize it but efficiency apartments are one of the most affordable types of housing. In fact, for people who enjoy a clean and cozy space, standard or luxury efficiency apartments are oftentimes the most affordable option for their needs.


Q: How many people can live in an efficiency apartment?

A: Ideally, you will have space inside your efficiency apartment all to yourself, however, it is possible to add another resident. Inside larger efficiency apartments, you may be able to create smaller sections that fit into a floor plan similar to that of a full-sized one bedroom apartment. People living together as roommates is common in efficiency apartments.


Q: Are pets allowed in an efficiency apartment?

A: Checking with each listing owner is the best way to know if you can have pets inside your efficiency apartment. Many times, small animals are allowed if they are well behaved with a small deposit and cleaning fee.

efficiency apartment room

Choosing the Right Efficiency Apartment

Before you rent an efficiency apartment, call the offices of Jeff Barchi to talk to a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Then, you can discuss all of your specific needs, including leasing terms, budget, and other details to get just the right type of efficiency apartment for you. No matter what you use the small space for, or even if you decide to splurge and call a luxury efficiency apartment “home,” remember these tips:

  • Efficiency apartments require creative design elements
  • Double-duty furniture is often needed
  • Organization is key
  • Storage spaces can fit in many hidden areas like under a bed or chair
  • Adding houseplants brings in light, color, and helps clean the air
  • Bookshelves can serve many purposes
  • Breaking the space into smaller spaces is not necessary, however, it is possible
  • Colored walls, spacers, and hanging drapery is a great way to add color
  • Clutter can build up fast, so leave spaces free of décor in some places
  • Firm mattresses from health.com for a good night’s sleep


Do not wait to contact Jeff Barchi’s team of highly skilled real estate agents in Desert Crest At Troon Village. Together, you can find a space and design it to meet your needs. If you are looking for a new project, consider what a small, medium or large efficiency studio apartment could do for your current lifestyle arrangements. Call today!