Bungalow homes are a unique style of home that features specific architectural features. You may not realize the differences between a regular home and a bungalow house because it is common for Realtors to use the term “bungalow” to describe any type of single-level house or stand-alone home. Bungalow houses commonly feature outdoor spaces that include porches, shading, overhangs, and visible rafters, or beams making them a cozy alternative to a conventional single-family home. 

Originally, bungalow homes were inspired by indigenous homes from the Bengal region of South Asia. Designed to create space outside and protect the homeowners from intense sunlight, a bungalow house commonly includes a shaded porch. In the early 1900s, these types of homes gained popularity in California before taking hold of the rest of the country. Small, inviting, and comfortable, bungalow homes are also inexpensive and offer first-time working-class homeowners a chance for homeownership. 

What is a Bungalow House? 

Many people like the idea of living in a bungalow. The appeal of calling a quaint, comfortable bungalow “home” is something you may also desire but you may be asking,“What is a bungalow?” The term is commonly used to describe many different styles of single-family homes. Established across the country, the original American bungalow has taken on many shapes, sizes, and styles since the 1900s. Typically, the small house is a single-story, but bungalows may also have a second story. Derived from a cottage-inspired design, bungalows are generally small homes with affordable, modern residents in mind. 

Characteristics of bungalow homes can include one-story and two-story layouts, sloped roofs, raised basements, and even some modern adaptations including half levels, and lofts. Other features of a bungalow home can include dormer windows and a veranda. These small, easy-to-manage homes are ideal for working-class families, the elderly, and for use as rental properties for students and travelers. 

Which Bungalow Home is Right For Me? 

There are many different styles of bungalow homes – and one of them is just right for you! A bungalow home can include a range of common styles and unique architectural features. Here are the six most popular styles of bungalow homes

  1. Craftsman bungalow

The classic style of a bungalow home, a Craftsman bungalow is an original format. Designed after homes built during the early 1900s, this type of home is typically a single-story bungalow. 

  1. Queen Anne 

The Victorian style of these bungalows is what makes them so beloved. Built with shingled or clapboard covered sides, wrap-around porches, and pitched roofs, Queen Anne bungalows are an ideal option for stylish homeowners.

  1. Mission style 

Taking inspiration from Spanish architecture, the Mission style bungalow includes features of round, arched doorways, and walkways, wrap around porches and roofs with a medium pitch. 

  1. Prairie style 

A bungalow home with low-pitched roofs, a linear design, and other home features developed by a group of architects in Chicago. 

  1. Chicago 

The American dream is realized in the Chicago bungalow home. One of the most common types of bungalows, this home is made of strong brick and can take on a fancy style. Includes areas for planned lawns, trees, and typically, a stoop. Bungalow House

Is a Bungalow Home Right For Me? 

The best way to know if a bungalow home is the right type of home for you is to compare the pros and cons of being a bungalow homeowner or renter. Here is a breakdown of the best, and worst aspects of living in a bungalow style home.  

Pro’s of a Bungalow Home 

  • Cost-effective for heating and cooling
  • Lower purchase price
  • Smaller, comfortable home for single-family housing
  • Includes unique features
  • Creates a smaller carbon footprint
  • Allows potential to expand the space
  • Often located in destination towns, and travel locations
  • Ideal for use as a rental property
  • Efficient, beautiful places to live for any lifestyle

Con’s of a Bungalow Home 

  • Older construction
  • May require upkeep and maintenance expenses
  • Designed to let in small amounts of sunlight, bungalows tend to be dark inside
  • Layouts may be considered cramped to some people
  • Ultra-accessible windows may need home security 
  • Not ideal for those with long-term housing needs

Bungalows are small homes that are not only attractive to all types of lifestyles, but also cost-effective. The value trends of bungalow homes tend to stay high even in a fluctuating real estate marketplace. More affordable than traditional homes, bungalows are an attractive option for many homebuyers. If you want to talk to a Happy Valley real estate professional about purchasing or renting a bungalow, call the offices of Jeff Barchi today.