There is no better feeling than finding the house of your dreams. The home-buying process, however, can be a long and grueling one with lots of twists and turns along the way. A crucial part is the home inspection, which is designed to help home buyers discover the true condition of their potential new home and its surrounding property.

The inspection provides a list of things that are just fine and others that might need some work and repairs, which can be quite costly.

In order to get the best out of your home inspection and ensure that you will have a clear understanding of the home you are about to buy, here is a list of five important questions to ask a home inspector:

Are you qualified?

This may seem silly, but it is very important to ask if your home inspector is licensed and qualified to do the job. A home inspection can uncover significant elements of a house, and it is imperative that the person you have chosen to conduct the home inspection is competent and authorized to do so.

What is covered in this inspection?

You never know if you don’t ask! It is a good idea to create a checklist of things you would like to cover or ask about when it is time for the inspection. When asking what is covered in the inspection, you can slowly check off the different areas of the house that you are curious about, while flagging others that may not be addressed.

This will ensure that you cover all your bases and get the answers you need to make an informed decision about your new home.

TIP: Some important areas to inquire about include the roof, basement, foundation, electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, ventilation, interior, exterior, and lot.

What needs to be fixed? And how much will it cost to fix it?

Home inspectors are bound to find components of a house that need attention. When these areas are pointed out to you, a critical question to ask is how much will it cost to repair it?

It is helpful to do your due diligence before going into a home inspection; this will equip you with knowledge of rough estimates, which can help you decide whether you want to buy the home as it is and pay for the repairs yourself, ask the seller to repair or pay for the repairs, or negotiate the price of the house based on the estimates of the repairs it will need.

Can I see a sample of your inspection reports?

What good is a home inspection if you can’t understand the report? Ask your inspector to see a sample report will allow you to familiarize yourself with your inspector’s reporting style and ask questions for clarity, which is crucial to understanding what is notated during the inspection.

Can I be present while you perform the inspection?

Being present with the home inspector during the inspection is a valuable learning opportunity, as the inspector will be able to explain your home’s systems. This is extremely beneficial and even more helpful than reading a report.  Additionally, being there for the home inspection is a great opportunity to work with the home inspector, ask questions, and seek advice.

Buying a home is a huge accomplishment and an exciting process. Just be sure to ask the right questions and have a qualified inspector conduct a thorough inspection, so you know exactly what type of work the house needs and how much it will cost. By asking these five questions, you will set yourself up for success.

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