On your home selling to-do list, there’s probably a question “How much does home staging cost?” While the answer is different for every person, your budget should be able to include all of the necessities of staging a house adequately in any price range.

Use these tips to effectively manage the cost to stage a house.

Home Staging Tips

  1. Consolidate Costs

Trying to find ways to cut corners can cost you in the long run, however, consolidating may be a way to save money on your overall home sale. While staging costs can become staggering, you can keep it affordably within your budget, even while you are struggling to pay moving expenses.

If you are wondering how you are going to be able to pay for it all, ask the stagers if they can accept partial payments until after the home sale finalizes, to keep your pocketbook intact.

  1. Only Stage Key Rooms

When you want to make a BIG impact on homebuyers and still make the most of every dollar before the actual sale, pay attention to how you can save. When staging the house for sale, only choose to stage the key rooms of the house — that way you can save on money by reducing the staging costs.

And also, it is good to leave some open spaces in the house to allow a new home buyer to visualize the property as they would create themselves as a future home. The impact of visualizing a fully decorated home is the idea behind staging, and many times sellers find it effective to only stage key rooms like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom.

  1. Compare

Before you decide on your overall budget for selling the house on the market, compare a few different staging costs. For example, depending on where your budget is on a price scale, a staging design theme in a living room could cost between $1,800 – $3,000. You can decide how much attention you want to spend on each room in the house before listing the home for sale.

staging interior theme

Can I Stage My Home by Myself?

Many people wonder if they can stage their own home for showing. If you want to try DIY staging before the sale of your home – go for it! You may not even realize how good you are at DIY staging until you create a custom design yourself. You can find inspiration in magazines, your favorite places or personal spaces from other homes you love.

The ability to DIY stage a house before you sell it successfully is within your reach. Use these tips to create a sense of being at home:

  • Clean out the clutter
  • Remove personalized items
  • Repair damage and patch holes
  • Choose neutral themes
  • Make an impression
  • Use fresh ideas

Recent market data reveals that homes that are staged prior to sale are 90% more likely to sell quickly. Staged homes spend less time on the market, and thus, it is a good idea to use these tips for DIY staging. And, of course, you can save money by using the staging cost breakdown to cut corners whenever possible.

While vacant homes are known to cost more to stage in the long run, bringing in your own furniture and decor can also become costly. Use a budget planner to estimate the staging costs before you clear your items from the home, and also make a commitment to how many rooms you stage. Then you will also know how long the furniture will need to be in place, and thus, gain a more accurate estimate of the rental costs.

If you are curious to find out more, feel free to reach out to our real estate agent in Troon Village, today! We are happy to help!