Just like home design, home staging sees its own trends based on what home buyers are looking for and responding to in real estate and design. While a lot of home staging trends do reflect home design trends, they aren’t always exactly the same. Home staging is about highlighting a home’s positives and inspiring buyers to imagine how they can personalize it, while home design is about expressing the homeowner’s personal tastes. So, when it comes to home staging trends, the same principle rings true. Here are the home staging trends  in 2017 that will help you sell your home faster if you plan to put it on the market this year:

Warm Textures

Throughout 2016, we saw rustic textures and surfaces rising in popularity in home staging and design as homeowners became more attracted to their warmth and natural appeal. Textiles like reclaimed wood and cork bring a lot of character to a space while remaining neutral (an important aspect to home staging). The clean look of modern design is still popular with buyers, but the coldness of it is less appealing. Add some warm, natural textures to your home staging to create the perfect balance and make buyers feel at home.

Contemporary Glamour

A new style that a lot of home buyers are responding to is contemporary glamour. This look takes the clean lines of contemporary design and accents it with some luxurious touches like faux fur and metallic or glass surfaces. The object of contemporary glamour is to create a space that is comfortable but upscale, simple but lavish. Buyers love how this look makes them feel like they are somewhere special while still capturing a contemporary sensibility. To learn more about the style, click here to read our blog post on how to bring some glamour to your home.


Last year, the most popular neutral was gray, but in 2017 expect to see a lot of taupe. Even Sherwin Williams named it their Neutral Color of the Year. Taupe is a warmer neutral that is a cross between gray and brown that fits with the overall desire for a cozy, yet contemporary space. Pair it with white and black to create some beautiful contrast that is perfect for home staging.


Pantone announced their 2017 Color of the Year to be Greenery, a vibrant green plucked right from nature that is a fabulous choice for both home staging and residential design. (After all, green is nature’s neutral.) If you want to accent your neutral palette with a pop of color, green is one of our favorites for home staging and will be particularly popular in 2017. It pairs wonderfully with taupe, which we just mentioned as the Neutral Color of the Year, and is ideal with rustic touches like wood and cork. You can incorporate this color in textiles, like pillows or a throw, or you can use it in a more subtle way by placing some actual greenery in the form of plants around your home.

Copper Accents

Metallic décor has been in for a few years now, but copper will be getting most of the attention in 2017. It has a more antique look to it that brings a lot of character to a space and is completely timeless. Not only can it take on a glamorous vibe, it can also look more rustic and masculine depending on the sheen and how you use it. Another great thing about copper is its health benefits. Copper reduces more than 99.9% of bacteria, which makes it perfect for high bacteria areas like the kitchen sink, faucets, and hardware.


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