If you love the home you’re living in or you are preparing your home for sale you can give it an upgrade in many ways. There are thousands of small things you can do around the house including resurfacing, organizing and cleaning.

For a more complete facelift, try these 7 home improvements to increase the value of your home:

1. Landscaping 

Think about your home from a sellers perspective and consider what a buyer sees from the curb: landscaping. When you look at your home, that is exactly what you see too. In fact, you are the best person to give a “first-impression,” of the property to someone able to perform professional landscaping.

So ask yourself, “What could look better with the landscaping?” This is one of the most effective home improvements to increase the value of your home. Just think of the possibilities! Rock, brick, grass, gravel, pebble, stone, cactus, succulents, flowers, fountains and it goes on and on.

A landscaping job can significantly increase home value, while also making it warm, with a stronger curb appeal.

2. Cabinet Refacing

When the structure and layout of your home is solid you can focus on cabinetry. Resurfacing the cabinet backing that you currently have is one option. Another is to completely replace the cabinets in any room with a new set.

This can completely change the way you use a room, improve the overall appearance and also offer one of the easiest home improvements that increase the value of your home.

3. Update Appliances

If you want to save money on a simple home remodeling project you can upgrade major appliances. There are many different options for stoves, refrigerators, toasters, washers and much more! You can also take advantage of seasonal sales to save money on this simple home remodeling step.

4. Carpeting

This is a quick way to change up the color in your home. You can take any room to the next level with creative recarpeting techniques. Add a few accent rugs, remove the top layer of carpeting in a room or a number of rooms or completely remove the carpeting and padding, and replace it all to give one room or your entire home a facelift.

This is a great home improvement project to increase the value of your home.

5. Consider Curb Appeal

Overall, if you are selling your home the improvements that will increase the value of your home best are those that include curb appeal. This may mean updating your home with a walkway, planting flowers or other plants, painting the exterior, adding shutters, changing the roofing, adding accent color or fixtures and more.

Considering curb appeal is highly recommended for home sellers in the market to boost buyer interest.

6. Lighting

Never underestimate the ability of creative lighting to change the mood and appearance of your home. With simple lighting purchases you can create a unique atmosphere in any room or outdoor space with light fixtures, switches and bulbs.

7. Rewire

Performing simple electrical changes throughout your home is a way to significantly reduce energy costs. Talking to a professional electrician about which type of energy-saving electrical wiring changes need to be made can help you identify which rewiring decisions to make. They can include adding dimmer switches, new wire in specific rooms, energy-saving outlets and more.

The Best Way to Handle Home Improvements

When you are ready to tackle home improvement projects the #1 rule to always follow is: take it one step at a time. The process of even the smallest home improvement projects can include a number of steps.

For larger projects intended to significantly increase the value of your home, it is recommended that you make a To-Do list, and tackle one small step on the list at a time to reduce stress and increase your enjoyment of home improvements. For more information contact real estate agents in McDowell Ranchos.