Paradise Valley is metro Phoenix’s most upscale place to live. Mansions are the norm, and so are one-acre lots. The town is home to some restaurants, resorts and spas. Paradise Valley Country Club is located in the middle of this high-end home mecca.


Most older houses in Paradise Valley have been renovated, but many have been torn down to make way for new mansions. Home styles vary, from Frank Lloyd Wright designs and looks to desert and modern architecture. There’s little land left for new development. The priciest homes can be found on the mountains and around Nauni Valley Ranch.

The median home price in Paradise Valley is more than $1 million.

The town draws many second-home buyers and some investors. Sales tend to climb during the winter and early spring when more people visit the Valley for the warm weather and multitude of events.

Rental homes, not apartments, can be found in this high-end housing area, but monthly rates are steep.

There are few vacant lots left in Paradise Valley, so new-home sales are a small part of this market. But homes are constantly being renovated and expanded in this neighborhood.

Living here

Expect a resort-style atmosphere with many part-time and affluent residents as well as visitors. The mountains draw many hikers, particularly early in the morning. About a dozen restaurants and resorts are the only commercial development in this million-dollar-home enclave, and they draw many people who don’t live in Paradise Valley. No freeways run through Paradise Valley, but the town is centrally located, and commute times to Phoenix and Scottsdale can be short. No big employers are located here, and strict zoning means they won’t likely ever be. Most homes are on one-acre lots or bigger. Golf courses are private.

Outdoors Attractions

Like the name says, this area is Paradise, especially for those who love getting outside. The Phoenix Mountains Preserve sits to the west, with myriad trails for hiking, mountain biking, running and nature watching. Piestewa Peak includes a popular hike to a 2,600-foot summit with spectacular views. To the south, Echo Canyon Park provides access to three hiking trails on Camelback Mountain. The Echo Canyon Trailhead leads to a steep, difficult hike that still requires strong shoes and stronger legs and lungs.

Who lives here

The Paradise Valley area features high incomes; nearly half the children attend private schools. Nearly half the houses were built before 1980, making it among the older housing areas in the Valley. The town of Paradise Valley (85253) has little racial or ethnic diversity.

Now that you have a better idea of the neighborhood, call you real estate agent in Paradise Valley and get ready for a new beginning.