Creating a house closing checklist is one of the most important parts about selling your home. In fact, if you decide to sell a house and do not make a closing day checklist you could be making a big mistake. The task may seem daunting and between all of the steps that you need to tackle like real estate negotiations, paperwork, mortgages, home inspections and calculations of all types, but it is actually pretty easy to lose track of everything.

That’s why you need this closing day checklist: 10 essential tasks to add.

  1.  Movers. This may include local companies for a range of daily fees. It may or may not include additional supplies like boxes, tape, and transport equipment. Additionally, you may decide to book an appointment to use a rental vehicle like a truck or a trailer. If you want to cut costs, purchasing packaging items, equipment and using your own transportation can help.
  2.  Change the Locks. A locksmith is a next person you need to call in order to get through your closing day checklist. So, choose a company that has been in business for at least 3 years and has a reputation you can trust. If you can get a referral for a locksmith and book an appointment close to your move-in date, you can also schedule a re-key for your new home at the same time.
  3.  Switch Utilities. When you create a closing day checklist make sure to include this very easy-to-forget item: change your utilities. Schedule time to contact all of the companies including gas, electric, cable, water, trash, valet, and any other services you may use like phone or television upgrades.
  4.  Call a Contractor. Within your budget, there may be a range of options including changes to color palates, cabinet resurfacing, carpeting, light fixture upgrades, energy-saving appliances, and many others. While there are many DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that you can tackle alone, calling a licensed contractor is the best way to approach your closing day checklist.Call a Contractor
  5.  Stage the Home. Creating a comfortable environment for potential homebuyers makes a sale much more likely to happen. It may include simple décor like a chair, table, vase with flowers or other cozy touches like air fresheners or scented candles.
  6.  Book Appointments. It may be a floor cleaning, gutter cleaning, painting, resurfacing and more. Book any type of appointment on your closing day checklist at least 2 weeks in advance of your actual closing deadline.
  7.  Order Furniture. While it may be easy to forget, furniture takes time to move. It can take up to 12 weeks to get a living room couch delivered, and if the measurements are a challenge to fit into the home, it could require even more time.
  8.  Cancel Services. Did you remember the nanny? The cleaning lady? The dog walker? This may also include canceling any automatic billings cycles attached to these services.
  9.  Hold Onto Mail. When you get advertisements inside your local mail – keep them. Move-in junk mail during the first few weeks can include all types of welcome packages, coupons, information, maps and additional savings on services, plus introductions to local hotspots. So, don’t toss it!
  10.  Ask for Help. Add this gentle note to the bottom of your closing day checklist just for you: Ask for extra help if you need it. Frequently, the moving process can take a toll not only on your body but also your mind.

You can write your own detailed closing day checklist using this template. And always remember to enjoy the process. After all, home buying should be something you experience without worrying about every detail from start-to-finish. Search for more tips and tricks in our other articles on our blog, or reach out to us at Jeff Barchi and speak with our real estate agent in Arcadia, if you have any additional questions.