Bridge For Kids

As parents, we strive to provide a positive environment in which children can best learn and grow. In most cities, children spend their second highest amount of time throughout the day at school.

Right now in Arizona, there is a gap between the state funding to school systems and the actual cost per student required to give each student the best opportunity to realize their fullest potential.

The Barchi Team, wants to provide support to the education systems that play such a profound role in our children’s development.

Here are some ways financial support can improve the learning environment for kids:
• Latest technology • Facility upgrades
• Teaching materials • Specialty programs

Barchi Team’s Bridge for Kids Program was created to help schools provide these necessary resources. Our mission is to furnish financial support to our kids’ education systems that will help lessen the gap between current funding and the funding needed for student excellence.

To find out more about Barchi Team’s Bridge for Kids or to help join the cause, call us at (602) 833-7085 or email Jeff at Together, we will help bridge the financial gap and provide a better learning environment for our youth.

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