Buying a home is a huge investment. It takes your time, your savings and a heap of your patience. When you round the final corner to purchase, the last thing you want to forget is a thorough home inspection. the best home inspection services are thorough and explain everything plain and simple to you, the owner.

A home seller should have the house inspected before putting it on the market, but many Arizona real estate agents have experienced the opposite situation for their buyers. A home inspector identifies what maintenance repairs are necessary for the current state and what type of maintenance will be necessary moving forward.

Even if a seller has had an inspection and can provide the report, it is a good idea to bring in your own trusted team or rep to get a thorough analysis of the house’s current state. Depending on the home’s condition, repairs and maintenance can make a significant impact on the true investment price. In the event of hefty repairs, your agent might have more negotiation power with the seller.

Here’s how to score the best home inspection services before purchase:

Determine the best timing

The home-buying window is famously tight. If you hire your own inspection, make sure you and the inspector are explicitly clear on the deadline. Most contracts will include an inspection deadline; it’s important that your vendor can get the job done on time.

Make sure you can tag along

Tagging along with the inspector is a cunning way to better understand the foundation of your potential new home. As the inspector points out any areas of concern and probably future maintenance, you get a better understanding of context. You can communicate what you learn later on with vendors or with the seller during final negotiation.

Get a sample report before hire

Before you fork over any time or investment, ask to see a sample of what the inspector’s reports look like. You want a report that is well produced, written clearly, easily digested and thoroughly indicative of necessary work. Pictures don’t hurt!

Check online reviews

Online reviews are gold. Sure, it’s usually the angriest or the overjoyed that take the time to write the review so they average happy customer is not well accounted for, but you should pay attention to the extremes. In the event of a bad review, ask the inspector for an explanation or their side of the story. Angie’s List, Yelp and Google all have helpful review boards.

Choose from a professional organization

Your inspector should be a party of some professional inspector group, such as ASHI, NAHI or InterNACHI. Professional certification is indicative of a well-trained, polished inspector.

Find out what parts of the inspection will not be covered

Although Arizona’s arid climate does not lend itself to many additional inspection needs, it’s still a good idea to find out if there are precautionary inspection elements you should take and how much they cost if not part of the inspector’s standard quote. If you don’t know which type of additional inspections are needed, ask neighbors, friends in the area or your realtor. They’ll be able to tell you about common maintenance needs in your new neighborhood.

Verify certification

Make sure your vendor is experienced and certified, and look into any certification the inspector provides. You want to hire someone who is committed, knowledgeable and full-time in the business. Additionally, get copies of insurance and license documents.

It’s never too early to be in communication with an inspector, and he or she is a great contact to have on hand. For referrals or any other inspection questions, get in touch with the best real estate agent Phoenix AZ, Jeff Barchi.