Have you been considering moving to Phoenix? It’s no secret that Phoenix, AZ is the top metropolitan city for new homeowners looking for a better quality of life. As one of the best places to live in Arizona, Phoenix attracts retirees and millennials alike. According to Bloomberg, over 200 people arrive in Phoenix every day, making it the fastest-growing county in America! For prospective residents considering relocating to Phoenix, we will share with you why it’s the most popular destination in the country. 

Phoenix is a Growing City

Why is Arizona a Good Place to Live? 


Besides the advantages of year-round sunny days, Phoenix has so much to offer families, students, young professionals, and retirees. It has become the ultimate melting pot with a strong economy that attracts more new residents than any other location in the country. According to the University of Arizona’s Economic and Business Research Center, Arizona is one of the five states that make up the top U.S. cities. While California is a worthy contender for appeal, the sunshine state does not offer the affordability that Arizona does. 


One of the most appealing aspects of moving to Phoenix is the convenient proximity to both Los Angeles, CA, and El Paso, TX. The reputation of the “Valley of the Sun” has helped grow Phoenix to the most populous and best place to live in Arizona. It is the only state capital with over one million residents and the fifth largest city in the U.S. New residents moving to Phoenix are drawn to many other appealing aspects of the area, including: 

  • Summer all year round – The sun is always shining in Phoenix, AZ but it can be challenging to adjust to for most new residents. The spring and winter months are generally mild compared to the summer season. Temperatures can rise to over 100 degrees, with the hottest temperature recorded at 122 degrees. For newcomers looking for a white Christmas, you won’t find it here. We recommend stocking up on sunblock and letting go of leather seats. 

  • Lower cost of living – The low cost of living in Phoenix, AZ is at the forefront of why it is one of the best places to live in Arizona. When compared to other popular metropolitan cities like San Diego, San Francisco, or New York City, Phoenix is consistently number one due to its lower-than-average property taxes. Retirees living on a fixed income get the most out of the tax advantages. 

  • Affordable real estate – Housing demand continues to increase with the growing number of new residents yearly. With a medium purchase price for homes starting at $300,000, Phoenix provides the most affordable housing compared to California. There are many housing options available to meet many needs including one and two-bedroom condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. These homes typically run a fraction of the cost of a single-family three-bedroom home. 

  • Good rental pricing – If making a home purchase is not in the immediate plans, rental pricing in the county of Phoenix is just as affordable, starting at around $1,000. Some areas to consider are Maryvale, Alhambra, and Estrella Village. For more rental deals under $1,000, you’ll find them in Deer Valley Village, North Mountain Village, and Camelback East. If upscale living is the goal, it can be found in downtown Phoenix Arizona, Sonoran Foothills, and Desert View. 

  • Top five school districts – Phoenix Arizona is known for the University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University, Arizona State University, and many other prominent colleges and universities in the surrounding area. It is also home to the most highly rated elementary and high schools like Brophy College Preparatory High School, Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy, and Rancho Solano Preparatory School. 

  • No daylight savings – Are you tired of adjusting your clocks for Daylight Savings Time? The good people of Arizona are too and welcome new residents to the Mountain Standard Time Zone. For the months of March through November formerly known as Daylight Savings Time, Arizona uses the Pacific Time Zone. No more adjusting clocks of any kind. 


  • Outdoor lovers welcome – Arizona is an outdoor enthusiast paradise with so many things to do in Phoenix, you’ll be discovering something new every year! Since Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert, you’ll be surrounded by lush, green landscapes in the springtime. Unlike most deserts, the Sonoran receives small amounts of precipitation that produce generous amounts of wildflowers. The area covers approximately 10,000 square miles that consist of the Southern half of Arizona, the majority of the Baja Peninsula, Southeastern California, and a large part of Sonora Mexico. 


  • Golf lovers welcome – Did we mention stunning championship golf courses? One of the most coveted things to do in Phoenix is golf and we have plenty of courses to choose from. Home to over 200 golf courses and many tournaments, including the Waste Management Phoenix Open, you’ll have immediate access to some of the most beautiful golf greens in the country. From Troon North to the Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club, new residents delight in the surroundings of towering rock formations and stunning landscapes. 

  • Sports lovers welcome – Whatever your favorite sport, Phoenix, Arizona has a professional team to root for. Only 12 other states are home to professional sports franchises. Moving to Phoenix gives you front-row seats to professional sports teams in any sport you’re interested in!

  • Always something to do – There’s no shortage of things to do in Phoenix! Like most metropolitan areas, there are a plethora of fun activities to keep your family entertained. Unlike other popular metropolitan areas, the affordability of living in Phoenix can make these activities within reach for most residents. 

Camelback Mountain

Things to do in Phoenix


Is Phoenix a good place to live? How far is Sedona from Phoenix? These questions can be answered with an exploration of the activities available. With an ever-growing economy, moving to Phoenix is a good choice for professionals looking for a healthy work-life balance. For an exceptional view of unique red rock formations, Sedona is a two-hour drive from Phoenix. If you’re looking for stunning boulders and green landscapes, Phoenix is one of the best cities in Arizona to do so. Here is a list of some of the best locations to find these impressive views: 

  • Exploring Camelback Mountain – Named after the resemblance of a kneeling camel, Camelback Mountain is considered an iconic landmark worth exploring. With 1,200 feet of elevation, outdoor enthusiasts are treated to vast views of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve as well as the city. As one of the most popular urban hiking destinations, you will have plenty of company during the week. 

  • Visiting the Musical Instrument Museum – Phoenix is one of the best places to live in Arizona for appreciation of the arts. Music lovers will enjoy the immersive Musical Instrument Museum that gives visitors a chance to experience thousands of sounds through a headset. You’ll have the opportunity to tour diverse instruments from around the world, including popular artists. The museum features a live music experience in the MIM Music Theater. It is an annual concert series that showcases more than 200 international acts. 

  • Exploring Papago Park – If you haven’t noticed yet, moving to Phoenix comes with free front row seats to gorgeous views that you won’t find anywhere else. At the top of the Hole-in-the-Rock trail in Papago Park are some of the best views of the city. The park is rich with an extensive history with a multitude of uses, including a reservation for indigenous tribes, a POW camp during WWII, and a VA hospital. You’ll want to bring a fishing rod to catch fish in one of the lagoons or explore other park attractions like the botanical gardens. 

  • Walking the Desert Botanical Garden – Discover 50 acres of different species of plants through winding paths of art installations throughout the year. During the holiday season, luminaries bags, and festive lights decorate the flora for a breathtaking experience called the Las Noches de Las Luminarias. For over 44 years, this event has featured live music, entertainment, and plenty of holiday lights!. 

  • Touring Taliesin West – This famous destination was once the winter home of the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Enjoy exquisite gardens, rooms, walkways, and architecture built to convey creativity and cultural values. Wright left a lasting legacy of architectural influence inspired by his upbringing that the world will never forget. 

  • Roaming the Phoenix Zoo – Moving to Phoenix will give your family access to one of the largest non-profit zoos in the nation with more than 3,000 animals from nearly 400 species to greet. At the Phoenix Zoo, your family will get the chance to feed giraffes and see tigers up close. The zoo is divided into 4 main trails called the Africa Trail, the Tropics Trail, the Arizona Trail, and the Children’s Zoo that includes a petting zoo. Originally known as the Maytag Zoo, it has since been renamed and revamped with new attractions like the orangutan exhibit. 

  • Discovering at the Heard Museum – Immerse family and friends with the authenticity of over 20 Native American tribes represented at the Heard Museum. You’ll find one-of-a-kind art and annual events like the World Championship Hoop Dance Contest. The museum is a cultural celebration of native art and culture from Southwestern tribal history. 

  • Nightlife at Roosevelt Row – You’ll find plenty of entertainment in downtown Phoenix Arizona Roosevelt Row. From the First Friday Art Walk to the vibrant nightlife scene, you’ll always have something fun to do after moving to Phoenix. The Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market has an array of local food, gifts, snacks, and vendors available rain or shine. For an adult-friendly night on the town mixed with edgy street art, you’ll find a fine bar selection like the Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company, The Breadfruit & Rum Bar, The Vig Fillmore, The Angel’s Trumpet Ale House, and many more. 

  • Hiking South Mountain Park and Preserve – With over 16,000 acres of Sonoran Desert and 50 miles of hiking trails, outdoor activities will always be an accessible option of things to do in Phoenix. It is a municipal park that is perfectly positioned a few minutes away from downtown Phoenix Arizona. Like other popular Arizona parks, you can expect to be surrounded by gorgeous scenic views. The South Mountain Park and Preserve come with the perks of spotting petroglyphs carved into the rocks. 

  • Eating in Heritage Square – Located in downtown Phoenix Arizona is Heritage Square, a historical reflection of Phoenix’s Victorian past. It is also home to the Arizona Science Center featuring 350 hands-on exhibits and the 125-year-old Rosson House Museum. You’ll be steeped in cultural artifacts, art, and photography displaying the memorable and rich history of the area. While you’re visiting, you’ll want to visit the Pizzeria Bianco recognized as the best pizza in the nation! Currently owned by the original founders, Eater Magazine confirmed Chris Bianco as “America’s Best Pizza Maker”. 

  • Ice skating at AZ Ice Arcadia – When you’re looking for a cool down amid the heat and a fun date night, ice skating is the perfect way to switch things up. If you’ve never ice skated before, you and your date may want to take available private lessons. Public skating is available all week for all ages at different time intervals. For the kids, the AZ Ice Arcadia features a summer day camp with movies, arts and crafts, games, specialty classes, and plenty of ice skating. 

  • Fun at the Arizona State Fair – Is Arizona a good place to live for families? Locals will tell you that moving to Phoenix was the best decision they made for their families due to the family-friendly atmosphere and activities. The Arizona State Fair is located in Phoenix and has long been a gathering place for Arizona residents and their families. This event draws the best talent, vendors, and amusement throughout Arizona, and moving to Phoenix gives you a front-row seat! 

  • Flying in a hot air balloon – Is Phoenix a good place to live? Come see for yourself with a birds-eye view of the city from a hot air balloon! The Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Ride Company is the premier ride operator of the Southwest. Float above the city to celebrate any occasion with special packages including weddings, corporate team building, or to check off your bucket list. You’ll want to bring a camera to capture phenomenal views from Sedona to the Grand Canyon and everything in between. As the number one rated balloon ride company in the Southwest, you’ll want to take flight as soon as you arrive! 

Hot Air Balloon in Arizona

Looking for the Best Cities in Arizona to Relocate Too? 


As one of the leading real estate agents in the nation, Jeff Barchi knows that Phoenix is just one of the cities in Arizona that families flock to looking for affordability, comfort, entertainment, and great weather. There are other cities near downtown Phoenix Arizona that The Barchi Team serves that are great options, including: 

  • Downtown Scottsdale – New residents looking for a more upscale environment will find it in downtown Scottsdale. This location is characterized by a mix of luxury apartments, corporate office buildings, mixed-use buildings, and a vibrant art scene that attracts a lot of young professionals. 

  • Arcadia – A healthy work-life balance continues to be front and center for many new residents and it can be found in Arcadia. The picturesque and family-friendly neighborhoods are in close proximity to plenty of nightlife and shopping. 

  • Paradise Valley – Also known as the “Beverly Hills of Phoenix”, Paradise Valley boasts coveted million-dollar homes, resorts, spas, and golf courses. Golf enthusiasts moving to Arizona may be drawn to the perfectly manicured greens of the Stonecreek Golf Club, Paradise Valley Country Club, and the Camelback Golf Club. Expect to be treated with full-service golf shops, restaurants, spas, and surrounding desert landscapes that are unmatched. 


Is Arizona a good place to live? We think so and so do over 250,000 people who have chosen to make this state their home. If you are considering moving to Phoenix or the surrounding areas, The Jeff Barchi Team can help. Jeff Barchi has been a long-time resident and realtor of the area with over 20 years of serving the community. Jeff Barchi is one of the nation’s leading real estate agents who assist hopeful homeowners save at least 5% on the purchase price. When relocating to another state, it’s important to have a knowledgeable, experienced, and committed realtor on your side. Let us help you too. 


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