Is moving to Phoenix right for you? This is probably a question you’ve been grappling with for some time now and you’re not alone. Making a move to a city you are not familiar with can be a scary undertaking. The good news is that we are local real estate professionals who’ve helped numerous families like yours answer these questions and make the transition to Phoenix seamlessly. Before making the big move, we answered a few questions about moving to Phoenix, what to expect, cost of living in Phoenix, and the city’s pros and cons. This helped to set the tone and ease of relocation anxieties. So, if you’ve been curious about what it’s like to live in the Valley of the Sun, look no further! 

Living in Phoenix Pros and Cons

For those of us who’ve been here for some time, we can spend the rest of the year telling you why you’ll love living in Phoenix. But since we don’t have that much time, we’ve managed to consolidate the most important points into brief bullets you’ll appreciate. Our tight-knit and passionate community is welcoming to the 16 million yearly visitors who often become residents for more reasons than one. Here are a few of those reasons for what makes Phoenix such an attractive place to live for so many: 

  • Cost of living in Phoenix – So many people want to know what is the cost of living in Phoenix Arizona and why so many retirees chose to stay here. We can sum the cost of living in Phoenix up in one word: affordable. In fact, Phoenix’s cost of living is 5% lower than the national average. Combine affordability with luxury amenities and you have a recipe for one of the best places to live in the country. Many retirees on a fixed income come here to maximize their pensions and take advantage of the low taxes on housing. In other popular retiree states like Orlando, you won’t have to worry about housing tax. With the increased growth and interest in our growing city, home prices continue to rise but still remain far below comparable states like California. Most Phoenix residents are homeowners who’ve been able to enjoy the steadily rising rates of appreciation. The average costs of utilities are slightly higher in Phoenix compared to the rest of the US but you will save money on your food budget. 
  • Job Market – Most people may not be aware that Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing areas for technology in the country. It is actually considered a hub for tech and software companies because of its lower operating costs for businesses in this industry in contrast to California. The Greater Phoenix Economic Council has indicated that these operational costs are 42% less than California. 

Job Interview

What does this mean for you? This translates into an abundance of tech jobs available with major companies like Uber, Amazon, Uber, Shutterfly, and Yelp among others that have recently chosen to open offices in the area. Even during the pandemic, the Phoenix area has fared much better than the rest of the economy, experiencing the lowest amount of job loss. Phoenix has proven to be incredibly resilient and attractive to both skilled professionals and major companies looking to cut costs without sacrificing lifestyle. For more insights on other Phoenix growing industries including manufacturing, digital and film media, health care, biotechnology, aerospace, and defense, you can reach out to the Arizona Commerce Authority. Although the area continues to grow, average salaries in the area still fall around $54,000 compared to California’s $63,000 salaries. 

  • Nightlife and culture – Downtown Phoenix is the city’s hot spot for nightlife, art, and cultural activities. There are a number of performing arts centers, restaurants, bars, art galleries, museums, and shopping malls that will keep you busy. You’ll have plenty of museums to choose from including the Center for Creative Photography, the Pueblo Grande Museum, the Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Art Museum. For performing arts lovers, there are a number of great venues like the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Arizona, the Talking Stick Resort Arena, the Phoenix Symphony Hall, and the Arizona Opera among others. 

Downtown Phoenix attracts everyone from the young at heart to the young in age and everything in between. Still, you’ll find a much higher concentration of young people in Downtown Phoenix when the sun sets. Both suburban and city dwellers converge in Phoenix’s nightlife scene for rounds of cocktails and live music at a number of popular spots, including Bar Smith, Bitter and Twisted Cocktail Parlour, Filmbar, Bliss Rebar, Gypsybar, and the Crescent Ballroom. Living in northern Phoenix will give you a longer commute to nightlife and more suburban ambiance, so keep this in mind when choosing your ideal location. 

  • Weather – One of the benefits that everyone loves about living in Phoenix is the nearly year-round sunny weather. It’s called the Valley of the Sun for a reason! You can expect temperatures to remain above 65 degrees, even in the winter months. But you should be prepared to run your air conditioning throughout the summer months that reach over 100 degrees! This is when indoor activities are highly recommended. 
  • The great outdoors – Phoenix is particularly great for hiking and other outdoor activities with over 33,000 acres of preserved desert and 180 parks to bring the whole family. For bikers, runners, and walkers, there are over 200 miles of designated trails to explore. Some local favorites include South Mountain Park and Preserve, Ak Chin Pavilion, and Salt River Tubing. The South Mountain Park and Preserve features 3 mountain ranges and over 16,000 acres. It is one of the largest municipal parks in the country, beating New York’s Central Park. 

The Great Outdoors

  • Sports – Phoenix is notorious for golfing.  With over 200 golf courses, you will not be lacking opportunities to quench your putting thirst. The most popular golf course in Phoenix known as the TPC Stadium is home to the Waste Management Phoenix Open. It is open to the public when not used for this event. Other famous sports activities include spring training that draws baseball enthusiasts from all over the country every year. Phoenix is also home to Cactus League Spring Training, NASCAR events, College Football’s Cheez-it Bowl, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, and numerous others. Many of these sports activities have been put on hold during COVID.  

Helpful Tips When Living in Phoenix

With stunning mountain views and a plethora of activities in Phoenix, it’s easy to forget the little things. These small but important items will make transitioning to Phoenix that much easier. Some helpful tips for moving to Phoenix are: 

  • Drivers license – Moving from out of state? Head to the DMV to apply for an Arizona driver’s license and register your vehicle. 
  • Trash day – You’ll want to find out when trash day is in your neighborhood. 
  • Self-storage – It stays pretty warm out here and most garages are not temperature controlled. Many homes in Arizona lack basements so you may want to consider self-storage for holiday decorations and extra household items. 

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