Besides the seemingly endless sunshine, outdoor activities and all that Phoenix has to offer, there is another benefit you may not have heard of. Phoenix is surprisingly affordable in comparison to other large cities, especially on the West Coast.

Phoenix-area real estate, and other categories used to calculate the cost of living, are well worth considering.

A cost of living index is used when comparing areas of the country to the national average. To calculate the overall cost of living, goods/service equate 33%, housing is 30%, groceries are 13%, utilities are 10%, transportation is 9% and health is 5%. These six categories provide further points of comparison when researching cities. Phoenix’s score of 95 puts it 5% below the U.S. average and 2% below the Arizona average. Within the state, Flagstaff raises the average with a score of 113.6. As a point of reference, LA is above 140 points and Manhattan sits in the mid 120s.

Here are a few other average prices of items to note when looking at the cost of living in Phoenix:cost of living in phoenix

  • Basic taxi fare (5 miles) – $14
  • Brief visit to private doctor – $96
  • Basic dinner out for two – $40
  • Movie tickets (2) – $21
  • 1-month gym membership – $20

The important area to note is that the housing score in Phoenix (91) is well below the national average. As of 2017, you can expect to pay just shy of $1,300 per month for a furnished, 900sqft apartment in the “expensive” areas. Compare that to the $1,000 you will likely spend on a furnished, 900sqft apartment in the “normal” area. Home prices in the valley are also affordable with a large price range to suit any budget.

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