Real Estate Agent in Arcadia, Arizona

    Arcadia, Arizona, is a small suburban neighborhood that is located in both Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. It is located in between 44th Street and 68th Street and also bound by Camelback Road and a primary water canal a few miles south of it. The houses in Arcadia typically enjoy relatively high property values primarily due to the fact that the majority of the houses in this area are well-kept, beautiful and sit on comparatively large lots. On top of this, Arcadia is located right between other higher-income, upscale areas of Phoenix such as Scottsdale, North Phoenix, the Biltmore area and Paradise Valley.
    Arcadia is often thought to be one of the top places to live in the entire metropolitan Phoenix area.

    The great livability that the residents of this area enjoy is primarily due to the fantastic landscaping, ease of getting around by walking (which is quite rare in Phoenix) and the vibrant culture that defines this area. There is also a number of fantastic restaurants and sports bars in this area. Also, if you happen to enjoy outdoor activities, you can easily take a hike or enjoy the desert landscape at the nearby Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak. There is also a huge cycling community that you can easily find in Arcadia if that happens to be an interest of yours.

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    Real Estate Agent in Biltmore, Arizona

    Biltmore, Arizona, is a small luxurious suburb that is located in Phoenix and is focused around 24th Street and Camelback Road. This part of the Valley is centered around a modern architectural marvel known as the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. This hotel is currently known as a Waldorf Astoria Resort that is operated and owned by the Hilton Hotels company. It was built in 1929, and the entire property sits on a beautiful 39-acre swath of desert land.

    However, this iconic hotel isn’t the only thing that Biltmore offers. There is a number of fine dining and shopping opportunities located in this upscale area. The primary collection of shops and restaurants in the area is found at the Biltmore Fashion Park.

    The Biltmore Fashion Park is a semi-outdoor shopping complex that is full of upscale, luxury shopping and incredible food for you and your family.

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    Real Estate Agent in Norterra, Arizona

    Norterra, Arizona, is a suburb close to the very edge of the north side of the greater metropolitan Phoenix region. Norterra is located right next to the Happy Valley and Deer Valley suburbs. This part of the Valley is known to be extremely scenic and provide a very leisurely lifestyle to its residents. A number of gorgeous mountains are located in this suburb, and it is directly bordered by the beautiful natural desert landscape known as the Phoenix Sonoran Reserve.

    Norterra (and also the bordering Happy Valley community) is known throughout the Valley for the number of companies that offer amazing hot air balloon expeditions for customers throughout the year. If checking out the desert landscape from a completely different view sounds perfect for you, take a look at either Hot Air Expeditions, Arizona Balloons, Inc. or any of the many other companies that offer these hot air balloon rides in the area.

    Outdoor recreational activities reign supreme in this area. If you are looking to enjoy sports or activities outside, you might want to visit either the Deem Hills Recreation Area or the Victory Lane Sports Complex. Both of these places have outdoor sports fields and offer a lot of opportunities for hiking and other activities. There is also a ton of great shopping and dining opportunities in this area as well.

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    Real Estate Agent in Happy Valley, Arizona

    Happy Valley, Arizona, is an outer suburb located on the north side of the greater metropolitan Phoenix area. It is located next to the Deer Valley and Norterra suburbs. Happy Valley is known to be a very scenic area as a result of its somewhat isolated and untouched natural landscape. This part of the Valley is home to a number of mountains and is located quite close to the Phoenix Sonoran Reserve.

    There is also a variety of different outdoor recreational areas located in the Happy Valley area. This is the perfect area to enjoy your favorite sports while taking in the beautiful natural landscape.

    The Deem Hills Recreation Area is a large outdoor sporting area in the north part of Happy Valley that is full of trails for hiking, playgrounds and sports fields. Another outdoor recreation center in the area is known as the Victory Lane Sports Complex. This complex is primarily made up of outdoor sports fields and a sports bar and grill. If you are looking to get out of the infamous Phoenix heat, you can easily visit the nearby water park known as Wet ‘n’ Wild. This popular park offers a ton of different rides, slides and even a lazy river!

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    Real Estate Agent in Anthem, Arizona

    Anthem, Arizona, is a suburb located on the north side of the great metropolitan Phoenix region. Anthem is located about 35 miles north of the downtown part of the city. Unlike most of the other suburbs in Phoenix, Anthem is not an incorporated town in its own right but is actually officially known as a census-designated place. In reality, Anthem is a beautiful master-planned community created by Del Webb.

    Del Webb was a real estate developer from California, who is best known for being a former co-owner of the New York Yankees baseball club and also for founding and developing another well-known Phoenix suburb called Sun City. Sun City is famous for being the primary retirement community in the Valley.

    Anthem is well-known for exactly what it was designed for: being a great place to raise a family. This part of the Valley is so family-centric that it has been routinely recognized in a variety of publications throughout the nation for these qualities. In order to maintain this atmosphere, Anthem has made it a priority to consistently host and sponsor family-oriented activities all year round. If you and your family members of any age want to play any sports, learn martial arts or swim, the community center is the place for you! There is also a variety of different community recreation areas. One of these areas is a water park, while another is a 63-acre community park that is full of different sports fields, lakes and an amphitheater.

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    Real Estate Agent in Cave Creek, Arizona

    Cave Creek, Arizona, is a suburb that is located in the northeast part of the greater metropolitan Phoenix area. This part of Phoenix gets its name from the Cave Creek water stream that flows through this area. It has only recently been incorporated as an actual town in 1986. Cave Creek also happens to be one of the most sparsely populated regions in Phoenix. A 2010 census showed the population to be just over 5,000 people. That makes this area perfect for people who want to feel alone with big swaths of land or simply want to be away from the hustle and bustle that is the norm for a city as big as Phoenix.
    There is a ton of outdoor activities to do in Cave Creek.

    Areas such as the nearby Black Mountain and the huge Cave Creek Regional Park offer great hiking opportunities and trails for you and your family to explore. There is also another fantastic Maricopa County park nearby, known as the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation. This particular park is unique in the fact that it is home to some unusual cacti species, interesting stone formations and tons of pre-modern Hohokam Native American tribal artifacts.

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    Real Estate Agent in Fountain Hills, Arizona

    Fountain Hills, Arizona, is a small town that is found in the East Valley region of the greater metropolitan Phoenix area. It is directly bordered by Scottsdale, Arizona. Fountain Hills is most well-known for the extremely large man-made water fountain located in the center of the city. This fountain is where the town derives its name. The Fountain Hills fountain, which was at one time the largest water fountain in the world (for roughly a decade), can spew water to a height of 560 feet! Fountain Hills’ fountain sits on a large man-made lake and regularly sprays water from its central water-lily sculpture every hour between 9 am to 9 pm for about 15 minutes at a time.

    Fountain Hills is a community that offers a wonderful leisurely lifestyle. There is plenty of sun all year and this city is surrounding by extremely scenic views of Arizona’s natural desert landscape.

    Fountain Hills is surrounding by the beautiful McDowell Mountains at its northwest and southwest borders. These mountains, which also happen to be extinct volcanoes, offer a lot of camping and hiking opportunities. If you are in the mood to gamble or want a taste of the nightlife, Fort McDowell Casino is also right around the corner.

    There is a variety of fine dining spots and community events in Fountain Hills as well. Some of metropolitan Phoenix’s most beautiful and expensive houses are located in this area as well and should highlight how amazing and relaxing this corner of town is to live in.

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    Real Estate Agent in Mesa, Arizona

    Mesa, Arizona, is an extremely large suburb located in the metropolitan Phoenix area. This city makes up the central chunk of what is known as the East Valley. Mesa is such a large suburb that is the third largest city in Arizona, after Tucson and Phoenix. It is also the 36th largest city in the entire United States!

    Mesa is a thriving hub of culture, entertainment and education. There are a number of higher education centers located in the city from Mesa Community College to the Polytechnic campus of Arizona State University. If you are looking for a show or some family-centric entertainment, you can visit either the Mesa Arts Center, Mesa Amphitheater, Mesa Historical Museum and the Arizona Museum of National History. And if you are trying to stay out of the intense summer heat, Mesa also offers a fantastic water park known as Golfland Sunsplash to help you cool off.

    Mesa is yet another suburb in the metro Phoenix area that is a baseball heaven, especially during the spring. The Oakland Athletics call HoHoKam Park in Mesa their home for their spring training session. On top of that, since 2014, Sloan Park in Mesa has been the spring training hub for the Chicago Cubs. One thing that differentiates Mesa from much of the rest of the Valley is its storied ancient history and archaeological sites. The Hohokam Native American tribe called Mesa home and made the prehistoric world’s most intricate and large water canals. Some of these canals are still in use today!

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    Real Estate Agent in Ahwatukee, Arizona

    Ahwatukee is a development known as an urban village of Phoenix, Arizona. While technically it is the southernmost tip of Phoenix, it is generally considered by residents a suburb located in the East Valley portion of the metropolitan Phoenix area. Ahwatukee is one of the Valley’s most beautiful urban developments and is straddled in between South Mountain, the Interstate 10 and the Gila River Indian Community.

    Even though this triangular-shaped village is one of the smallest suburbs in Phoenix, there is plenty of things to do and visit in Ahwatukee. It is located right next to one of the Valley’s newest and most popular casinos, aptly named Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino, if you want a chance to double up your money. There is also a nightclub located on the top floor of the casino, if you’re looking for a taste of the nightlife.

    As a result of the fact that this city was designed to offer visitors and residents a lifestyle of leisure, Ahwatukee is also known throughout the Valley as a hub of fine dining and shopping. And there is also a variety of things to do outside! Three beautiful golf courses are found in this small part of the city and it also hugs the largest municipal park in the entire United States: South Mountain Park. At this park, you and your family can enjoy the gorgeous, natural landscape of the Arizona desert while hiking, riding horses, or having a picnic on a daily basis.

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    Real Estate Agent in Tempe, Arizona

    Tempe, Arizona, is one of the fastest growing and most robust cities in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area. This vibrant city is an inner suburb located in a section of metro Phoenix known as the East Valley. Tempe is one of the main thriving business and educational centers located in the city. This is due to the fact that it is home to Arizona State University’s main campus. ASU has one of the largest student bodies in the nation and is also known as the #1 university in innovation in the United States. On top of this, a variety of different big businesses have moved into Tempe over the last decade, making it one of the hottest employment and high-tech areas in the entire metropolitan area.

    Tempe is structured quite a bit differently than many other suburbs in Phoenix; this area has a much more urbanized, high-rise developmental pattern than the rest of the city. It also offers the best public transportation system in the Valley, offering a variety of free neighborhood buses and light rail stops that are not available in surrounding cities. At the north edge of Tempe is Tempe Town Lake, which is a man-made lake that also happens to be the second most visited public attraction in Arizona, after the Grand Canyon. If you are the outdoor type, you can enjoy the many festivals, events and daily activities that are hosted at the lake, surrounding beach area and parks. There is also a bustling nightlife district that you can enjoy in the area, as well known as Mill Avenue, if you are in the mood.