Real Estate Agent in Chandler, Arizona

    Chandler is a prominent Arizona city that is also a primary suburb located in the southwestern area of the great metropolitan Phoenix region. Chandler was established in 1912 by Dr. Alexander John Chandler. As a result of being the first veterinary surgeon in Arizona, Dr. Chandler used his means to consistently acquire land for his ranch. Once he had accumulated roughly 18,000 acres of land, Dr. Chandler opened a townsite office and made his beautiful land also his namesake town.

    Chandler is one of the many growing suburbs in the metro Phoenix area that was once primarily an agricultural hub that consisted of lands used to grow a variety of crops including cotton, alfalfa and corn. There also used to be several ostrich farms in this area.

    Nowadays, however, Chandler is a thriving, industrial and high-tech city. For the last 30 years, this Phoenix suburb has been experiencing an almost exponential growth in population. Much of this population spike is a result of many big innovative technology companies moving branches of their operations into town. These companies include Intel, PayPal, Orbital ATK, Microchip Technology, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Verizon Wireless. As a matter of fact, big computer chip manufacturer Intel has four different locations in Chandler!

    There is also quite a bit to do in Chandler. Chandler is the home to many festivals, parks and different types of recreations. As a matter of fact, Chandler has been recognized nationwide for its commitment and focus on community recreation for youth and adults. This city has been a 10 consecutive year winner of the nationwide Playful City USA designation.