“It’s a dry heat,” the phrase that you have probably heard and said countless times since living in Phoenix. No matter how you phrase it or try to rationalize it, 120 degrees is hot, very hot. But when you have triple-digit temperatures for almost 1/3 of the year, that can get tiring. One common way that people say to beat the heat is to just stay inside. Day after day of hopping from one AC climate to the next gets a little boring, the best solution for beating the heat in Phoenix is buying a home with a pool. Buying a pool can seem glamorous at first but if you buy a home with the wrong pool, it can be more like a nightmare. Here are some things to consider when looking for a home with a backyard oasis.

Evaluating Use

Before setting out to find a home with a pool, remember it is important to evaluate just how much you and/or your family will use the pool. The novelty aspect wears off eventually and you may end up with an expensive, unused investment in your backyard. Along with evaluating the level of use, you should also consider the extra costs it takes to maintain and fix a pool.

Added Home Value

House with a pool

Ask your realtor just how much value that having a pool adds to the home overall. The most common figure thrown around by studies of home appraisals is $20,000 of added value when a pool comes with a home. Now that might seem like a large amount but when you look at the average cost of a basic, in-ground pool ($30,000+), it makes more sense to buy a home with one if it is something that you truly want.



This is the most important piece of buying a home with a pool. Either make sure that the home inspector is experienced with inspecting pools or hire a pool company to do a pool inspection for you. The last thing that you would want is to have your newly purchased home to have a pool that needs a large number of repairs, maintenance and updating that costs a small fortune.

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to find your dream home with that backyard oasis you’ve always wanted. Let Jeff Barchi help you beat the heat this summer in your backyard pool. With over 18 years of outstanding experience, Jeff has set himself apart in the Phoenix Metro real estate market. His track record speaks for itself, so start your search today with the best real estate agent in McDowell Mountain Ranch