Famous people that live in Arizona may not be front-page news, but there is something to be said about star power in the area. Celebrities in Arizona include rock stars, actors and actresses, professional athletes, and even some impressive A-listers. While the desert landscapes of Arizona lack the same glitz and sparkle of Hollywood, there are many famous people that live in Arizona.

8 Famous People That Live in Arizona

  • Frankie Muniz

Something that might catch your eyes around Arizona is the darling face of former child star Frankie Muniz. The Malcolm in the Middle star currently resides in the valley with his partner Elycia Marie. The couple is said to prefer life in Phoenix rather than Hollywood.

As one of the most famous people that live in Arizona, Frankie Muniz is known to race cars, and play drums in a local rock band.

  • Doug Stanhope

This comic is known to take long tours around the country, however, he calls Arizona “home.” Here, he and his girlfriend Amy Bingaman live in what’s known as the “Fun House,” in a small mining town in southern Arizona called Bisbee.

Fans of Doug Stanhope know that since his weekly podcasts he has also gotten involved in politics when he protested the inclusion of prayer at a Bisbee Town Council meeting last year.

  • Bret Michaels

The lead singer of the band Poison fell in love with Arizona long ago. As a teenager, he had no idea that later in life he would end up purchasing a home near Pinnacle Peak and Pima roads, up in North Scottsdale.

It was a move that made a difference in his life according to Michaels, as he credits local doctors at St. Joseph Hospital’s Barrow Neurological Institute for saving him from a brain hemorrhage along with heart issues back in 2010.

Bret Michaels

  • Daniel Bryan

Born in Aberdeen, Washington, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion lives in North Scottsdale with his wife, wrestling diva Brie Bella. The couple can be seen in episodes of WWE’s reality show Total Divas, and around town at local spots in Arizona, including Crossfit Full Strength, North, and Chelsea’s Kitchen.

  • Rob Halford

Frontman of the heavy metal band Judas Priest came to Arizona originally back in 1978. After buying a home in Paradise Valley he has lived there ever since. Seven years later, Rob Halford still loves the maverick spirit of the Arizona desert.

  • Alice Cooper

A list of famous people that live in Arizona would not be complete without the name of this proud resident. Alice Cooper and his family have been part of the local community for years, and back in the early days in the Valley, you could find Alice Cooper on the Wallace and Ladmo Show.

Today, he is still one of the most beloved high-profile celebrities that live in Arizona.

  • Ice T

If you have ever seen Ice Loves CoCo on E! Entertainment, you may recognize Ice T in the streets of Arizona. He and his wife CoCo purchased a home in Chandler back in 2007, and today you’ll find that, while they jet set to the East Coast often, they still own a home in Chandler. They reside there at least a few months out of the year when they are not traveling.

  • Maynard James Keenan

The lead singer of nu-metal band Tool, and frontman of numerous bands including Pucificer and Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan has been a resident of Arizona for years.

However, just recently the rock star opened a wine, pasta café upstate in Cottonwood. The owner of Merkin Vineyards Osteria, Keenan has also said that he looks forward to opening a winery in Cottonwood. Cheers!

Arizona has a lot to offer. From the stunning pink, purple, and orange sunsets to the cascading miles of Sonoran desert, the celebrities are also A-list. So, if you are ever in the area, keep an eye out for these rock stars and otherwise famous folks.