Our kitchens serve as the Grand Central Station of our homes, and the foot traffic is noticeable. Kitchens are where we hang out, watch TV, open mail, feed the family pet and entertain guests. It’s more than just a place to prepare and eat our daily meals.

Maintaining a working and well-designed kitchen is important not only for safety and sanitary reasons, but also to reduce costly repairs.  

Five signs you need to upgrade your kitchen.  

  1. Wear and tear

With a constant flow of traffic, wear and tear is sure to occur. Leaking pipes, damaged floors and walls, and cracked countertops all should be addressed immediately. These issues get worse with time and can contribute to harmful mold or bacteria. Painting and patching up problems will get you back up to standard.

  1. A Disorganized kitchenMessy kitchen

If you spend time searching for utensils, dishware, and appliances, then perhaps you need to reorganize your kitchen plan. Make it easy to find items so that you can spend more time cooking.

  1. Outdated appliances

Old appliances are generally less appealing and less energy efficient than newer models on the market. Replacing your appliances can be expensive, but they offer the best return on investment.  Make sure installation is done correctly by hiring a professional so the appliances are up to code.  

  1. Adequate counter spaceImage of counter and cabinets in kitchen

Kitchen counters are not storage spaces, if you can’t see more than 50% of your counter, it’s time to upgrade or expand.  If your layout allows, installing an extra counter or island can greatly add to usable counter space. If you have a small kitchen, consider reorganizing your cabinets to fit counter items into.

  1. You can’t sell your home

A great kitchen will sell a house, so take the time and money to invest in it. People often judge the rest of a house based on the kitchen. Make the home move-in ready so buyers are more motivated.

Adopt these five upgrades to get you the right kitchen improvements to increase home value.