How to find the right home? Finding your forever home in Arizona takes patience, love and practiced expertise. Jeff Barchi has earned his status as one of the top real estate agents in Arizona by weaving exactly these qualities into his search for your ideal home.

Many buyers are anxious to purchase their first home; so much so that they overlook some of the essential features that a long-lasting home should possess. Most commonly negated is the reminder that a home purchase is a long-term investment; not a short-term goal.

Accomplishing a house purchase might be cause for celebration alone, but Jeff Barchi encourages his clients to focus on the long game. Do you know how to find the right home? How adaptable is the property to your likely evolving lifestyle? Are children in the future? Are remodels accessible? Necessary? Where is the home’s value in 10 or 20 years?

Remember, you are purchasing a home, not just a house.

With excitement over a new house often comes rushed decision making, which is why realtors such as Jeff Barchi want to encourage buyers- especially millennials- to slow down on the evaluation; take time to thoroughly consider what matters most now in the layout, the neighborhood and the value of what will matter most in these assets in 10 to 20 years. It is a far time into the future to which to think, but it is well worth the slow pace and strategic thinking.

Check out Jeff Barchi’s first time home buying tips on how to find the right home in 3 steps:

Set priorities

how to find the right home

Before you begin the house hunt, list out your priorities for your home. Right now, you might prioritize elements such as square-footage, affordability, and location. List these, but think further ahead, too. How important are updated appliances? Refinancing options? The option to expand? Neighbors? Neighborhood amenities or developments?

As you search, you might find a few of your priorities easy to address and others might seem like a far reach; you’re also likely to encounter a reality that tells you it is not possible to achieve all priorities in your purchase. That’s okay! Your priority list can be amended and as you shop around, you are bound to find that some purchase facets rank higher than others.

Be flexible

How flexible does your new home allow you to be as you grow? If you changed careers or found a new job, would a new commute be feasible? Should your family grow, does the current floor plan allow for modification? Does the property size permit expansion? Be wary of design trends, too. Sometimes, what is on trend and modern does not breed sustainability. Older built and finished houses can be easier to modify and update in the future.

how to find the right homeFinancial insurance

Purchasing a home might not grant a guarantee for high return on investment, but it’s best if your home purchase has potential to act as a financial asset should you find yourself in need of monetary assistance in the future. It is never too early to start planning ahead, and making a sound investment in the present can remain just as valuable an investment down the road.

Jeff Barchi is continually a favored realtor AZ for his success in investments and guidance of clients throughout their first purchasing experiences. As the Arizona real estate market continues to expand, it becomes increasingly central to search for a property with someone who fully understands and appreciates the current and prospective landscape. Work with the best so that you can confidently shop for your first home- the ideal nest for you, your family and your future!